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I'm Spence Konde aka Dr. Azzy

I live and work in the People's Republic of Cambridge, near Boston, MA. I test the web gateway and web development framework for a database software firm for my day job, and sell PCBs and do electronics stuff on the side. I also own pinball machines, with all the maintenance that entails, and have made modifications to them as well.

In addition to Espruino, I do a lot of work with the Arduino platform and maintain a core that supports almost all ATTiny microcontrollers for the Arduino IDE.

I'm not a real doctor (I'd be happy to write you a prescription - but it'll be on the back of a cocktail napkin, and it'll be for a cocktail);

In a past life when I played Ragnarok Online, I wrote the AzzyAI homunculus and mercenary AI, which was used by thousands of players worldwide (ie, I'm that Azzy)

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    Waaaaay back in the day there was a long discussion about this, IIRC. I remember discussing this behavior on the original espruino board not long after I got it...

    I really wish the STM32 datasheets were a little easier to work with (I remember looking at it back then) where all the info you needed was in one document, with sections only present for the peripherals on that part, like Atmel's datasheets - the STM32 peripherals absolutely bury the ones on the AVRs, and they're not really more expensive or anything.

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    If I had more time to work on my own projects, I would be using the hell out of that, heh... It's a really awesome tool. We gotta get more people using Espruino! Quite honestly, I think Espruino would be an amazing "my first hobby electronics platform" - the live console was just amazing when I was getting into electronics. I might well not have stuck with electronics long enough for it to get really fun, had I started with Arduino instead of Espruino - and that would have sucked, because I love electronics now.

    It's kind of a pain to build Espruino firmware myself, since I don't have a convenient linux machine in my apartment, so I have to ssh into a linux machine (I use one on AWS, as that's less work than sorting out my home linux machine so it's not such a pain in the arse to use)

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    "i don't always test my code but when i do i do it in production"

    That's how I do it :-P Lately on my Arduino cores, I've had 50/50 success rate with recent releases >.>

    I dislike testing software - I always assume because I do that for my job. When you have a large enough crop of users, they test everything for you!

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    I never made it work back then. Never had much luck with the nrf's

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    The 2-months ago was my assembly writing experience. I have no idea when Espruino got neopixel module builtin!

    TBH I haven't had a chance to work on any Espruino projects lately... I really want to finish up the two big projects for my room... I just came up with the perfect way to deal with the problem of generating patterns for my pingpong lights and deploying them. But I have a million other projects!

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    There's now a neopixel module builtin? Man, kids these days... spoiled rotten I tell you!

    With firmware that old, you'd need to do it like we did back in my day (I'm sure there are some examples here) where you use an SPI peripheral and send4bit() or whatever it's called.

    That's how I did it back then, and lemme tell you junior, you never heard me complain!
    (heh, in terms of "back in my day" type things - a bit ago, I was modifying the hand tuned avr assembly code in adafruits arduino neopixel library to make it run on 20mhz and 10MHz parts for the new megaavr parts. Fun stuff, you feel like those guys in The Matrix who can look at the green symbols and see what the reality they decribe is. But that was only 2 months or so ago)

    But yeah - just update the f/w and you should be good. The newer firmware has all sorts of other goodies too.

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    I like the idea of quarterly rounds of this too. Some time I will finish a project, I swear.

    Though the fact that it has to be an official Espruino board does kind of limit what projects I'd end up writing up, because almost all of my projects are on ESP8266's or my own clone of the original Espruino board, made in my 2"x4" size with a bunch of protoboard in the extra space and the D-spec part instead of the C-spec one, and all the parts on one side and larger so I can hand assemble them with tweezers. Though I 1000% understand why you have that condition :-P

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    Nope, it's not a fancy adjustable temperature one. It works with common wire, does not work on teflon insulation, for example.

    That bit is annoying, because said insulation is also a flaming bitch to remove with cutters too (thin little strands stay connected, and have a lot of strength to them), and I have a huge reel of 6-conductor twisted teflon insulated wire, absolutely beautiful wire except that it's so annoying to strip.