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I'm Spence Konde aka Dr. Azzy

I live and work in the People's Republic of Cambridge, near Boston, MA. I test the web gateway and web development framework for a database software firm for my day job, and sell PCBs and do electronics stuff on the side. I also own pinball machines, with all the maintenance that entails, and have made modifications to them as well.

In addition to Espruino, I do a lot of work with the Arduino platform and maintain a core that supports almost all ATTiny microcontrollers for the Arduino IDE.

I'm not a real doctor (I'd be happy to write you a prescription - but it'll be on the back of a cocktail napkin, and it'll be for a cocktail);

In a past life when I played Ragnarok Online, I wrote the AzzyAI homunculus and mercenary AI, which was used by thousands of players worldwide (ie, I'm that Azzy)

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    What is the state of the jsvars-in-psram thing for wrover boards? What will the maximum number of jsvars be, assuming we accept that we can't fill it all the way and then save() it? There s got to be some maximum at which it needs more bits to address it than there are in the 16-byte jsvar....

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    As many of you know, I sell circuit boards on Tindie, and I very much like boards with integrated prototyping board. I recently had a project I planned to use with an Espruino Board, but I found that the Espruino Board on the previous version of the board had been beat up enough in terms of things being soldered straight onto the board (and back in those days, my technical skills weren't where they are now), and I realized it would be really nice to have a version where the prototyping area was larger, with mouting holes, and that sort of thing.

    This is the result:

    It's a direct ripoff of the Espruino Board, plus added protoboard (it matches the footprint of my other 2"x4" protoboard)- circuit is nearly identical - I made a couple of changes:

    • Different buttons.
    • SOT-223 regulator instead of that itty bitty one Gordon used (ZLDO1117 3.3v reg - ZLDO is the best series of 1117s, particularly in terms of quiescent current).
    • No bluetooth footprint.
    • C14 not broken out to a pin (I couldn't route it, and I use the crystal anyway)
    • ESP-01M footprint - much less board space than ESP-12.
    • D-spec instead of C-spec STM32F103 (RCT was out of stock anyway).
    • Changes to part packages for easier hand assembly.

    I've also successfully gotten Espruino building for it (it "just worked" - mad props to Gordon et. al. for the provisioning script).

    I may eventually start selling these on Tindie - as of now, I'm not planning to sell them (if any active posters are particularly interested in something like this, I could mail out a few, let me know). Just wanted to share some pics at this point, and express my amazement with how easy it was to build working Espruino firmware.

    Oddly enough, uploading it the first time has been the hardest part. I've been unable to make it upload from my Linux system at home, and it's been flaky on my windows system - sometimes it will upload at 57600 baud, othertimes it won't upload, no matter what I do.

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    This is a problem with espruino for animations...

    Remember the pingpong light project? (Which worked - there are 8 strings around my room of 10 lights each.) On esp8266's running espruino.

    Why only 10 per string? Js execution speed on the esp8266 controllers. Not that the esp8266 is the fastest microcontroller in town, of course

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    What the hell... something went wrong in the git fork. My repo is WAY behind, using the version of the script from 2015... I wish I'd realized that was the problem.

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    When I run scripts/provision.sh on the home linux box running Linux Mint, it works fine.

    When I try to run it on a linux instance on Amazon, I am told:

    -bash: /home/vagrant/.bashrc: No such file or directory

    I asked two expert friends, and they were both baffled. The more knowledgable of them said "whether or not a vagrant user is created will be highly dependent on the packaging" and that "it depends on a user that 100% will not exist on anything that isn't a vagrant vm, unless said server is very weird" - when I told him that it worked on my mint machine at home (which I don't have access to until thursday), he insisted that I must have run a different script. Apparently vagrant is something to do with VMs?

    So - can anyone tell me if it's possible to set up an Amazon EC2 instance and build Espruino on it, and if so, what incantations must be recited?


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    I use a 1117-series 3.3v regulator (specifically the ZLDO series, since they've got the best specs of the 1117 clones - very low quiescent current, and lowish dropout). I would not try to use any regulator physically smaller than SOT-223 (TO-220 for throughole people is more than sufficient) - they inevitably can't dissipate the heat (that's probably why it worked at first for you - the reg was cold. Then you plugged it in, it started heating up, and shortly after, it started to go into thermal shutdown or folded back the output voltage until it started cooling down, and it stopped working) .

    I've seen people try to use SOT-23 regs, and running off 5v, the one Gordon used on the pico can just barely handle an ESP8266 - but ESP32 is a little more demanding.