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I'm Dr. Azzy

I live and work in the People's Republic of Cambridge, near Boston, MA. I test the web gateway and web development framework for a database software firm for a living. I'm in my late 20's. I own pinball machines, with all the maintenance that entails, and have made modifications to them as well. I also play pinball competitively.
I play (well, not so much anymore) Ragnarok Online, and wrote the AzzyAI homunculus and mercenary AI.

In addition to the Espruino, I own 2 Linortek Fargo units (these are microcontrollers with ethernet ports, that run a webserver which controls relays - nothing you couldn't do with an espruino, but wrapped up very nicely, with a decent web interface). I use one of them for lighting-control in my bedroom. I also have boatloads of other electronic parts, many used/pulls, and many of them manufactured before I was born.

My plans with Espruino include a remote monitoring system for a summer cottage, more advanced lighting control and environment monitoring in my apartment.

I'm not a real doctor (I'd be happy to write you a prescription - but it'll be on the back of a cocktail napkin, and it'll be for a cocktail);

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    Those devices have a LiPo battery (nominal voltage 3.7v, 4.2 at full charge), a charging circuit, and a dc-dc boost converter to get 5v out.

    You can probably (with some care) remove the DC-DC converter for the output. The catch is - you don't want to bypass the UVLO, otherwise you could overdischarge the batteries.

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    There doesn't seem to be complete information about it out yet; it isn't clear that it has any integration beyond what was available with the WROOM32 modules everyone's been using. The one picture I could find of it showed a similar module.

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    What does that have to do with Espruino? That looks like arduino C.

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    common solution seems to involve soldering, making your own cables or using a breadboard. Have you by any chance found a solution for this?

    You must solder, make a Y-cable (probably via soldering) or use a breadboard. It may be possible to buy Y-cables, but I haven't found a decent source for them.

    I often use little pieces of prototyping board as splitters - but you still have to solder the wires or pins to it. (I sell boards like this here: https://www.tindie.com/products/DrAzzy/m­ini-protoboard-pieces-28-pcs-set-only-6-­/ )

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    There are a shitload of them. Nowadays everyone and their mom has some custom ESP8266 board; they're all compatible with Espruino as long as they give you a way to load custom f/w

    Just to mention a few dev-boards:
    NodeMCU (which now might as well be generic - countless chinese vendors sell clones) is a very popular one. Unfortunately they have the pins numbered based on the nodemcu pin numbering, instead of the manufacturers GPIO numbers. Don't get me started on that.

    Adafruit sells them under the name "Huzzah" - this is an ESP12 breakout without the serial adapter onboard (they also have the Feather Huzzah, an atmega32u4 tied to an ESP8266 on the serial port, and the Huzzah32, for the ESP32, which does have USB-serial adapter on it)

    Sparkfun sells "ESP8266 Thing"

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    One on the right is an ESP12E, one on the left is an ESP12F.

    The ESP12F has a better antenna as noted above.

    Does using DIO instead of QIO mode (on boards wired for the former only) mean that we can use GPIO 9 and 10 from within Espruino?

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    I recommend the RXB12 (the $1.xx narrow ones with the SOIC-16 package on them - all over ebay now) for receiver. Dirt cheap, and performs very well.

    Much less difference between the different transmitters than the different receivers, STX882 is good, the cheap green ones are good, and I suspect a few of the other new ones that have showed up recently are also probably good as well.

    You can mix and match receivers and transmitters freely.

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    In terms of timing, I'd like something that doesn't interfere with work during the week. Espruino and electronics are my hobby, not my job, so I feel guilty taking time away from work to participate in a video chat, and if there's a meeting for the day job then, that has to take priority. . I'm not sure if others feel the same way; If not, I'm wondering how people manage to make that work out.

    It would work a lot better for the hobbyists - IMO - if you were to do like 1600GMT on a saturday or sunday... which I of course realize is a less convenient day for you, since this is a job for you...

    I'm interested in Alexa integration too, actually. I think integration with smart home voice controllers is kind of a big deal for people (I may be wrong, ofc - it happens occasionally), as that's something that can provide a whole other level of responsiveness and better integrate these smart objects with the rest of our lives. I've got a solution for alexa control currently, but it is hardly the most graceful solution!

    What was the turnout like last time?