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I'm Dr. Azzy

I live and work in the People's Republic of Cambridge, near Boston, MA. I test the web gateway and web development framework for a database software firm for a living. I'm in my late 20's. I own pinball machines, with all the maintenance that entails, and have made modifications to them as well. I also play pinball competitively.
I play (well, not so much anymore) Ragnarok Online, and wrote the AzzyAI homunculus and mercenary AI.

In addition to the Espruino, I own 2 Linortek Fargo units (these are microcontrollers with ethernet ports, that run a webserver which controls relays - nothing you couldn't do with an espruino, but wrapped up very nicely, with a decent web interface). I use one of them for lighting-control in my bedroom. I also have boatloads of other electronic parts, many used/pulls, and many of them manufactured before I was born.

My plans with Espruino include a remote monitoring system for a summer cottage, more advanced lighting control and environment monitoring in my apartment.

I'm not a real doctor (I'd be happy to write you a prescription - but it'll be on the back of a cocktail napkin, and it'll be for a cocktail);

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    I recommend the RXB12 (the $1.xx narrow ones with the SOIC-16 package on them - all over ebay now) for receiver. Dirt cheap, and performs very well.

    Much less difference between the different transmitters than the different receivers, STX882 is good, the cheap green ones are good, and I suspect a few of the other new ones that have showed up recently are also probably good as well.

    You can mix and match receivers and transmitters freely.

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    In terms of timing, I'd like something that doesn't interfere with work during the week. Espruino and electronics are my hobby, not my job, so I feel guilty taking time away from work to participate in a video chat, and if there's a meeting for the day job then, that has to take priority. . I'm not sure if others feel the same way; If not, I'm wondering how people manage to make that work out.

    It would work a lot better for the hobbyists - IMO - if you were to do like 1600GMT on a saturday or sunday... which I of course realize is a less convenient day for you, since this is a job for you...

    I'm interested in Alexa integration too, actually. I think integration with smart home voice controllers is kind of a big deal for people (I may be wrong, ofc - it happens occasionally), as that's something that can provide a whole other level of responsiveness and better integrate these smart objects with the rest of our lives. I've got a solution for alexa control currently, but it is hardly the most graceful solution!

    What was the turnout like last time?

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    I don't mean to speak for Gordon here, but regarding modules like that in general - It is common practice to use modules like that when building boards that include microcontrollers with builtin RF functionality or RF communication ICs, particularly for products being made in relatively small quantities. For example, the ESP8266, ESP32, RFM69, and many others are also normally done that way. By taking advantage of the expertise of companies specializing in RF design and using these standardized modules, designers can reduce costs and implementation risk while streamlining the design process. Those raytac modules are used in many products, not just the puck.js - it's an off-the-shelf module.

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    Some time ago I looked at Espruino in a bored moment – saw that it was very much under-developed – didn’t even handle WIFI at the time

    Well sounds like we gotta get that person to take another look at it! It'll knock his socks off.

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    Is there ever any reason not to pretokenize?

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    I think the local tunnel and IFTTT approach is madness; in fact avoiding the use of anything that required an outside service other than Alexa itself (which doesn't require a hole in the firewall, since it initiates the connections) was a key design requirement for me...

    You're communicating between a device in your house, the Echo, and another device in your house.... And you're going to go outside the house, then make a call back in from the outside internet through a hole you've poked in your firewall?!

    1. This adds points of failure (whatever means you use to get through the firewall, external service that could be shut down or made a pay-for service in the future at the whim of an external organization) which are out of your control.
    2. This adds a tunnel from the outside internet to your Espruino. This strikes me as very dangerous; I have no confidence that the Espruino HTTP server will hold up to an aggressive attack - I operate under the assumption that there exists an unknown vulnerability (probably several) by which a malformed request could execute arbitrary JS, and hence no Espruino should be exposed to incoming connections.
    3. Your IP address changes occasionally, meaning you need to either set up a domain name and have it autoupdate (which is often finicky) or keep changing the IP address every time it changes.
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    I don't have code for doing this on an Espruino, but what I do at my place is have a Raspberry Pi running this code:

    The clock call is (as you might be able to guess) a call that goes straight to an Espruino based device without much of an API. The hardware is so twitchy on that thing that I'm afraid to dig around in there to connect to board and upload new code.

    Note that the pong part of it (used to control my pingpong lights, and set them to one of 100 specific scenes, telling it the scene number as if it was the brightness of a Hue lightbulb) doesn't quite work currently.

    Whole thing generally works well.

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    I was under the impression that the SK6812's are WS2812 clones (albeit with a varying number of channels - there are ones that just have cool and warm white, and ones that have RGBW ), and the timing of the control signal is close enough that most control schemes meant for WS2812 will work for SK6812 (is the 6805 the same electrically? I would assume it is, just with different package).

    Man, I have had so little time to work on the fun kind of projects lately. I've got a bunch of SK6812 RGBW and WW/CW LEDs, but they've been sitting in a bin for months without being turned on.