Bangle.js wont connect

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  • Hello, the screen shows a 'Low Memory' error. Possibly too many apps installed. When I press Button 2 (middle button) nothing happens. The screens stays black. When I press buttons 1 and 2 together it goes into boot mode for a 1 second then goes back to the black screen with low memory error. I am really stuck here.

    I would greatly appreciate any help with my problem.


  • Hi - you'll just need to follow the instructions here:¬≠ting-without-loading-any-code

    • Long-press BTN1 + BTN2 for about 6 seconds until the screen goes blank
    • Release BTN2 but keep pressing BTN1 while ==== goes across the screen
    • Keep holding BTN1 while Bangle.js boots
    • Release it - you should have the Bangle.js logo, version, and MAC address

    So I think you were doing this, but probably not holding BTN1 long enough.

    If it still doesn't work, it's probably because you have an old Bangle.js firmware (2v06 or before - if you bought Bangle.js 6 months or more ago?). If so you'll need to update the Bangle.js firmware itself using these instructions:­are-updates

    Once you've updated the firmware then the previous instructions will work

  • Hello and thanks for your very quick help. I followed the Buttons sequence that you suggested. Now what I have is a blank screen until I move the watch then the Logo screen appears. When I press Button 2 for several seconds nothing happens just the Logo remains on screen, Same for Button 1. When I pressed Button 3 everything went back to square one again (low memory error on bottom of screen).

  • Hello again, I did the update to version 2.08 but still the same Low memory error. Nothing has changed.

  • For what it is worth I already had the latest firmware installed all along. V2.08

  • Ok, so once you have the Logo screen showing, did you try and connect with the App Loader?

    Once the logo screen shows it's basically started the watch but without loading any code - and it's in a state where the app loader can then connect and you can do About -> Install Default Apps in the app loader and recover everything

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Bangle.js wont connect

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