Bangle.js GPS improvements (AGPS)

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  • I just added an 'Assisted GPS' app to the App Loader:

    If you upload this app it won't actually install an app, but will instead update your GPS with data that'll help it to get a GPS fix more easily for the next few days after it is installed.

    I'd be interested to hear how well this works for you, but hopefully it'll go a long way towards helping to lower the time taken to get a GPS fix the first time.

  • Great, that sounds very useful.
    How do you generate the agps data to be uploaded - I briefly looked at your HTML file, is this something you process server-side every day? Looks like the binary files in are all time-stamped sometime yesterday.

  • Really useful!

    But I think we should think of getting an Espruino (or at least a Bangle.js) app in the app store :P

    The app can help do the agps update once a day, and maybe even configure application settings. And of course have a repl like the web ide.

    We do have gadgetbridge but I don't think it can send the agps data on a scheduled basis :(

  • Yes, the data actually comes from UBlox (the people that make the GPS receiver). You have to register a developer account with them and then you get an access token to their API, so I just download the data to the Espruino site with a script at midnight.

    About the app: Realistically what we need is a way for apps to access the internet via your phone, then you could just install an AGPS app and it'd handle everything for you. I'd been talking about that with the lead developer of Gadgetbridge, but it's not trivial as due to privacy concerns he doesn't want Gadgetbridge itself to ever access the internet - so there would have to be a second app (much like happens with weather).

    While in some ways it'd be easier to have a specific Bangle.js app on the phone, I'm spread pretty thin at the moment and I don't realistically have time to make and maintain an Android app too - so if Gadgetbridge can be used it's definitely preferable

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Bangle.js GPS improvements (AGPS)

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