• I am unable to get the ESP32 image (V2.04 or V1.99) to run on M5StickC.

    It will stay up for about 2 mins, then cycles into infinite loop. Based on some googleing I believe the solution might be that I have to compile my own build without he PSRAM option?

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    ýE (518) psram: ESP32PICOD4  do not support psram yet
    E (518) spiram: SPI RAM enabled but initialization failed. Bailing out.
  • I think the M5 Stick doesn't have PSRAM at all. But still, should work without it.
    Does it work for two minutes? If yes, than it might be a hardware issue (bad solder joint, dodgy cable, or anything like that) that only shows up when the board heats up.
    Can you verify the hardware with arduino or micropython?

  • The module is able to run arduino sketches for 10+ minutes. I have a second module that I could test.

  • I'll test it. I have one at home. I haven't been able to flash it. It always tries and never connects. Did you have this issue WIll?

  • I am able to flash it. The key change is to set baud to 115k.

  • Curious to know if you made any progress, having the exact same issue on a M5StickC..

  • @user111255 which version did you tried and how did you flashed?

    Can you please share some WebIDE output how your device behaves.

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M5StickC (ESP32 based) gives psram error-infinite reboots

Posted by Avatar for Will @Will