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Javascript developer since I was in my 20's and that was a LOOOOONG time ago

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    @Robin I'd love to make a video or tutorials and plan to update the our nodebotdays github with a lot of espruino code and examples.

    I want to give everyone on that day options, and for me BY FAR this espruino way of doing javascript of these amazing little devices is the way to go.

    I'll post something here when I've updated everything.

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    I was setting out 50 ESP8266 for July's NodeBot Days (down here in south florida) and I want to make sure I know as much about these as possible. The particular combination of this one cable and this one computer seems to work with at least the 3 I've done so far, so I think we're good.

    @AkosLukacs question: Can I then rely that all NodeMCU.* match what's printed on the boards?

    if I see D3 on the board it's always NodeMCU.D3 right?

    I have 20 x Geekcreit® NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 ESP-12E and 30 x WeMos D1 for this event.

    and you're absolutely right: I had to create a js file (for johnny-five.js ) that matched each PIN so that people didn't have to guess. This is just silly.

    Here's the file for anyone needed. but for Espruino this the same as this NodeMCU built in object in espruino.

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    The blink script for the ESP8266 now looks like this

    var  on = false;
    let LED1 = NodeMCU.D4;
    setInterval(function() {
      on = !on;
    }, 500);

    for anyone that needs it.

    this successfully will blink any LED on D4 and of course all 8266 seem to have a little light on the board that will also blink this (so nothing but your board is needed)

    The Espruino IDE is of course set to the suggest 115200 baud and I'm connecting to what ever the connection is for the device.
    COM10 in my case for windows /dev/ttyUSB0 on my linux and I cannot remember which port is the one on my mac but it was the one that DIDN'T start with /dev/tty.*

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    As for the "new machine" and "new cable".
    I was using a Chromebook Pixel that now has Ubuntu 19.04 Installed and it seemed to be the problem.
    I have another Chromebook (the original CR48) with Ubuntu 18.04 and it doesn't seem to have any trouble.
    The fix ended up being again with simply a newcable. Nothing special. And using a windows desktop computer without a hub. I can't figure out if there is a small change in the ESPTOOL.PY line that made the difference. but I was able to then run the script and build two esp8266 and that worked on the CR48 ubuntu machine, a Macbook Pro 2016 and a windows 10 machine all working now.

    The Top of the linue Ubuntu box doesn't work and I frankly can't figure out why. It's able to use other arduino devices just fine and is my main computer for everythign else.

    and of coruse my amazing Pixl.js device works on that perfectly but of course that's through bluetooth.

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    1) I know the 8266 has a lot of PINS that don't line up with arduino boards so it's not crazy or a problem (for me) to have to use the NodeMCU prefix. besides a lot of code talks about the B1 or B3 etc of the espruino but of coruse they're no B* in the 8266 or ESP32. so they're talking about the D1 or D3 in those examples. so predefining a
    var B3 = NodeMCU.D3
    means I have to fink of it only once.

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    Please ignore the $ at the end of that ESPTOOL.PY line. it's just me trying to copy and paste what was on my command line. It's the full name of the .bin full file.

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    AHHHHH!!!! Sheesh.
    what you need is NodeMCU.D4
    var LED = NodeMCU.D4; add that to the default blink script.

    and this is the other BIG things. A new machine. (a 4th one) and ANOTHER usb cable.

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    AHHH!!! the editor on this forum is NOT hapy with anything I paste in.

    OK. So WHAT was the solution? It was MORE than just those settings that came from the post that maze1980 suggested. and the key was also that the 8266 needs for you to refer to the not just D4 (for the default LED) but instead

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    sorry. I couldn't copy and paste and then write something.
    IT'S NOW Solved.

    And I don't like how!
    The line above is how I did it. I swear to you I tried