load espruino to non-official mdbt42q?

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  • Hi,
    is it possible to upload the Espruino firmware to an MDBT42Q module(or another NRF52832 device) I bought from somewhere other than the official Espruino store?


  • Yes, it is. Realistically unless you plan on spending a lot of time you want an nRF52832DK - just follow the instructions that come with it

  • It's worth noting that unless you're planning on using more than 5 it's probably cheaper to buy official Espruino ones when you factor in the DK cost.

    You're also on your own as far as support goes - obviously I wouldn't last very long if I spent all my time helping people find ways to avoid buying Espruino products :)

  • Thanks. I'm buying a couple for a custom PCB I designed, and I was deciding whether I should buy pre-loaded ones from your store or non-official ones from somewhere else. I'm going with the first option :)
    My card got declined a few times and I got it fixed, but now I can't buy it and Paypal tells me "your card was declined too many times." Do you know how long I have to wait?

  • The 2019.04.18

    The Bitterness of Poor Quality, Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten!

    circa 1975 from a Flanner and Hafsoos premium audio equipment store sign. Impressive, never forgot that lesson/moment. @allObjects, ever see a Flanner store out west? Incidentally, my Harmon Kardon receiver, Aiwa cassette deck and Dual turntable that, that sign coerced me to purchase there, still function today! They don't build stuff like that now, do they!! ;-)

    @Marty_McFly, I concur the time savings from the learning experience (re)flashing knock-off boards, in the vain attempt at saving a few dollars, is worth the low price of an authentic Espruino that includes near immediate support responses, as you witnessed above, from @Gordon himself.

    Thank you for supporting the Espruino vision!

    'Do you know how long I have to wait?'

    My experience with Credit Card companies, PayPal and International transactions, is that their monitoring software continues to block any purchase attempt until the CC company releases the block. They have 24x7 customer service, and you are their customer and their profit potential. Continue to bug them (CC company) until the block is lifted. Took as long as four hours. Mileage may vary ;-)

  • Thanks for deciding to go with the official ones :)

    A bit frustrating about your card - I'm not sure when it usually gets unblocked. I believe you can pay just by bank transfer as well (direct debit?) using PayPal but it takes a few days for the payment to clear.

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load espruino to non-official mdbt42q?

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