Nordic "nRF52840 Dongle" Support

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  • Hey,

    just received a few of those "original" nRF Dongles today. Is there already support for those?


  • I'm afraid not. I've been looking into support for the nRF52840DK but realistically to work properly it needs to be running with SDK15, and I haven't managed to get that going at the moment.

    They look like great little devices though, and extremely cheap too.

  • They look like great little devices though, and extremely cheap too.

    Well, I guess all the Nordic chips ask for this kind of cheap generic board designs, this one from Nordic themselves, so that will not go away. Still enough market for specific power/battery designs and special form factors as well as sensor/display combos.

    Now that the 52s with this chip got USB support, too, I hoped to get Espruino's USB HID support running, though I haven't verified that they will support that via the dongle's USB contact pads...

  • but realistically to work properly it needs to be running with SDK15

    From the SDK downloads page it seems that the SDK from 12.2.0 up support the nRF52840.

    So the keyword were "realistically" and "properly"?

  • I hoped to get Espruino's USB HID support running

    That's probably going to be a whole other chunk of work I'm afraid. You'll basically be starting from scratch as all of Espruino's USB HID code is STM32 specific.

    So the keyword were "realistically" and "properly"?

    As I understand it, USB only really became properly supported in 15 (I believe it was pretty flaky before). I did have a build for nRF52840 on SDK14 but USB never worked.

    But I could be wrong - you're welcome to give it a try yourself.

  • 15’s release notes say something about production quality, also for USB, so lets hope they mean it.

    For the HID part, I totally forgot about the STM specific implementation. Still, the 52840’s integrated USB is a pretty cool thing and makes that dongle so interesting.

    I had a look at the HID examples yesterday but had troubles with flashing existing example hex’ and getting some if the tools to work. Seems I have to recompile using the full tool chain.

    The dongle is brand new and the desktop integration might still need minor work/updating.

    I‘ll post an update if I got something going Espruino-wise.

  • Please do keep us updated, I have 2 of these little jewels arriving Wednesday.

  • Better not count on an early. Got the native blinky example running..
    Not sure, how much time I'll have on my hands in August. Intensely waiting for a rainy day for looking at the Espruino code :)

  • Just to let you know I now have a build of Espruino running on SDK15 on the nRF52840, with preliminary USB support (you can move the console over to it and upload code \o/ ).

  • Terrence here.
    Wow, that is really good news. I have 2 of those little chips and eager to put them to use.

  • Hooray, indeed, @Gordon

    Though we got a new dog and I will never have time for anything again, I‘m afraid...

    Had a look at the sources, though, last week after not having looked at it for a few years now, and am pretty happy with what Espruino has become and that it‘s well and alive. Great work.

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Nordic "nRF52840 Dongle" Support

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