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    Thank you for that @Gordon! Does it still build for you?

    I'm getting an error saying it can't find nrf.h, I suspect it could be looking in the wrong place or perhaps this file is missing in the nrf5x_15 sdk folder?

    uri@JAY:/home/uri/espruino$ make BOARD=NRF52840DK RELEASE=1
    Generating platform configs
    Generating pin info
    Generating JS wrappers
    WRAPPERSOURCES = src/jswrap_array.c src/jswrap_arraybuffer.c src/jswrap_dataview.c src/jswrap_date.c src/jswrap_error.c src/jswrap_espruino.c src/jswrap_flash.c src/jswrap_functions.c src/jswrap_interactive.c src/jswrap_io.c src/jswrap_json.c src/jswrap_modules.c src/jswrap_pin.c src/jswrap_number.c src/jswrap_object.c src/jswrap_onewire.c src/jswrap_pipe.c src/jswrap_process.c src/jswrap_promise.c src/jswrap_regexp.c src/jswrap_serial.c src/jswrap_storage.c src/jswrap_spi_i2c.c src/jswrap_stream.c src/jswrap_string.c src/jswrap_waveform.c libs/math/jswrap_math.c libs/graphics/jswrap_graphics.c libs/network/jswrap_net.c libs/network/http/jswrap_http.c libs/network/js/jswrap_jsnetwork.c libs/bluetooth/jswrap_bluetooth.c libs/neopixel/jswrap_neopixel.c
    CC libs/compression/heatshrink/heatshrink_e­ncoder.o
    CC libs/compression/heatshrink/heatshrink_d­ecoder.o
    CC libs/compression/compress_heatshrink.o
    In file included from /mnt/c/P/espruino/src/jsutils.h:17:0,
                     from libs/compression/compress_heatshrink.c:1­5:
    gen/platform_config.h:13:17: fatal error: nrf.h: No such file or directory
     [#include](http://forum.espruino.com/sea­rch/?q=%23include) "nrf.h"
    compilation terminated.
    Makefile:768: recipe for target 'libs/compression/compress_heatshrink.o'­ failed
    make: *** [libs/compression/compress_heatshrink.o]­ Error 1
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    Hi @Gordon,

    Is the code for the nRF52840 + USB on GitHub? I tried to look for it in master, but couldn't seem to find any mention of nRF + USB...


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    It's not a library per-se, just a code example. You can run PoC the code in the gist and it should draw a t-rex image on the screen (assuming that you have a similar model to mine, otherwise adjustments might be needed).

    Then you can look inside the display.js module of my game and use it as a basis for a library. You will probably have to manually change the pins in the code to whatever pins your display is connected to. Good luck!

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    I managed to get the 2-colored one working on Espruino as part of my IRL Chrome T-Rex game project.

    You can find my initial PoC code in this gist, or check out the final version here.