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    @Gordon, thanks. You were completely correct. It's working now.

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    I installed the Red Torch app on my Bangle.js (original), and got the "Hold BTN3 to reload" message. BTN3 did nothing. Neither did 1+3 return me to the clock.

    Neither does using 1+2 to restart, nor 1+2 and release 2 for a no-software restart. They display these messages:

    DFV ZV05

    Then a new screen:

    Bangle (JS in a watch logo)
    Copyright 2021 G. Williams

    The only thing it will respond to on that screen is the 1+2 forced reset. I'm about to use that to turn the thing off to save battery.

    I can connect using Bluetooth. I removed Red Torch. The Bangle displayed the same "Hold BTN3" message, and again holding BTN3 did nothing. Now "My Apps" in the web interface shows nothing. I promise I had apps installed.

    I followed the instructions here: https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js#reset­ting-without-loading-any-code, installing default apps. This worked, and the system inexplicably installed my default apps. Aaaand ... BTN2 does nothing, I can't get to Setup or anything. And 1+3 ... makes the time jump ahead 5 hours, from correct to 5 hours fast?

    I tried installing a different launcher (the Desktop Launcher) but this did nothing.

    I know you'll say to install the latest firmware, so I downloaded it to my Android phone. The procedure (https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js#firmw­are-updates) says to upload to a device named DfuTarg. There isn't one. Attempting to upload to the Bangle device (which is listed) results in the message, "Upload failed: DFU CHARACTERISTICS NOT FOUND".

    How to proceed?

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    I could easily be remembering the time wrong. I updated the firmware the last time I wrote to whine, er, ask a question, so months ago but not the original.

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    Hi, Gordon,

    I did turn it off using the Setting menu.

    Also, it isn't your fault. Turns out it was the old cable from the previous watch that failed. The cable that worked has the little "direction of the charger" tag on it with a Bangle picture. Sorry about the mistake.

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    ... also maybe a month of disuse shouldn't cause a turned off watch to have zero charge?

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    What with not leaving my house much for some reason, I hadn't turned on my Bangle for a while, probably over 3 weeks. When I tried yesterday, it was dead. I tried button 1, then 1+2, then every combination I could think of for 10 seconds at a time. Nothing.

    I charged it for a couple of hours and tried again. Nothing still. That is, I magnetically adhered the cable that came with the watch, which was plugged into a voltage source.

    I was literally in the middle of posting this message when my years of experience with USB cables kicked in and I had to revise. USB cables fail. So I found the charging cable from an old smartwatch, which happened to be identical to the Bangle cable, plugged that in, and the watch started immediately. It had run down to zero power during the long disuse, and coincidentally the Espruino-supplied charging cable had failed. Luckily, another cable I had lying around coincidentally could be a substitute.

    So, this message went from "request for help" to "maybe you need higher-quality cabling," I guess.

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    Thanks again, Gordon. That "runs automatically" aspect isn't clear, at least to me, from the description. Appreciate your taking the time.