• I thought they were called JST connectors, and I see that "JST connectors" are very popular for LiPo batteries, but I ordered some of those, and they do not fit. The connectors are a little larger, and they've got a groove between them, instead of a ridge.

    The documentation also called them JST-PHR connectors, but there aren't any connectors with that standard available on amazon - only a small number of special charging cables with obscene markups (I'm not going to pay $5 for a single female connector, when other similar sized connectors are $5 for 10 sets of male+female connectors!) or batteries with that connector - and only one page of results across all of amazon, so if they're commonly used for that, they must be called something else.

    So what am I supposed to be ordering to get these connectors?

  • There's more info on it here (including part numbers for Farnell): http://www.espruino.com/EspruinoBoard#co­nnecting_batteries

    You need JST PHR-2 - if you Google it you'll get a bunch of stuff. If you order from Farnell you'll need the housing and the individual contacts. They have minimum order quantities, so you'll need to order 100 contacts and 10 housings - but that'll cost you £3.40 :)

    Olimex also sell batteries with the connector on: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Power/

  • Aahah. Thanks, got some on order now.

  • Nope, another set of wrong connectors.

    Ordering from newark now (what farnell's site redirects to for the US)...

  • Argh. Really? Did you order using the part numbers on the site? I was pretty sure I'd copied them off the side of the parts I have here.

  • Both bogus ones came from Ebay - first one was from looking for just JST connectors (not aware there were a billion kinds), second one was from searching for JST-PHR-2.

    Now I have some coming from Newark electronics - and we'll see if THOSE work.

    There seem to be a whole bunch of very similar connectors with names so close that it's difficult to know which one you're getting (and they look so similar, the pictures don't help - they all look the same in pictures).

  • DrAzzy,

    If you have a RC model shop in your reach, you will find the connecters there too. Maybe 10 times expensive ;-)


  • I had exactly the same problem as DrAzzy, ordered connectors from Amazon.com - found they are the wrong kind. I'll try get the ones from newark - thanks!

  • Hmm, don't you need the expensive WC-140 crimping tool for those parts DrAzzy?

    Does anyone know if the JST PHR-2 is the same as the JST PH 2-pin listed here? http://www.adafruit.com/product/328

  • Yeah, the crimp tool is insanely priced, and I can't find equivilents on ebay either.

    You have to do it the hard way (which is okay if you're only doing a few) with great finesse and needlenose pliers.

    I couldn't find any suppliers who sold JST-PHR-2 connectors with wires connected to them, either - which is a real bummer. Naturally all the connectors that don't fit are readily available with wires on them.

    As for that one, I can't tell - it looks like it could be the right connector, but it's really hard to tell from pictures. I thought I had ordered the right ones twice....

  • If it helps, I'd be pretty confident that the Adafruit battery is correct.

    The connector name is right, and having zoomed in on the photo and compared it with what I have here it seems fine.

  • Thanks guys, I'll get it ordered - if it does end up being wrong a)It's not a huge amount b)It will probably work as a backup battery for another kickstarter I'm waiting to arrive

  • I realize this thread is old, but I'm posting some info for anyone searching in the future.

    @ZeroEcho - as you've likely determined, the Adafruit battery you linked DOES have the same connector as the Espruino.

    In fact, all of the LiPo/LiPoly batteries sold by Adafruit and SparkFun have the correct connector.

    Adafruit also sells the connector with pre-attached wires: https://www.adafruit.com/products/261

  • Have you tested that those connectors with pre-attached wires are actually the right kind of connector?

    The description says it's a JST-PH connector, whereas the Espruino connector is listed as a JST-PHR-2. Either the connector doesn't match, the Espruino reference or Adafruit website is wrong, or there are two part numbers for this kind of connector...

  • Hi @DrAzzy Yes, I can confirm that the Adafruit connectors work with the jack on the Espruino.

    I have yet to receive a JST connector from Adafruit that doesn't work with the Espruino. Although, they do usually use the generic term "JST cable" in the product descriptions.
    EDITED TO CLARIFY: I believe that PH sized connectors are the only type of 2-pin JST connectors that Adafruit (and Sparkfun) uses. This connector size seems very common within the open-source, embedded module community.

    As for the naming differences, I believe they're both correct - PH is the name of the series of connectors, whereas PHR-2 is a specific model number for a "2-pin connector housing"
    EDITED TO CLARIFY: As I understand it, JST is simply a type of connector, whereas PH is a specific size of JST connector. Thus all 2-pin PH connectors should be the same size, and thus interoperable.

    The Datasheet for PH connectors can be found on JST's PH connector page, and page 2 shows the Model Numbers for the different variations (different pin counts, surface mount, etc...) http://www.jst.com/home8.html

  • Thanks for your post. I really wish I had seen it earlier, these connectors with pre-attached wires have by far been the hardest thing to obtain.

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What are the battery connectors Espruino uses called?

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