• Hi @DrAzzy Yes, I can confirm that the Adafruit connectors work with the jack on the Espruino.

    I have yet to receive a JST connector from Adafruit that doesn't work with the Espruino. Although, they do usually use the generic term "JST cable" in the product descriptions.
    EDITED TO CLARIFY: I believe that PH sized connectors are the only type of 2-pin JST connectors that Adafruit (and Sparkfun) uses. This connector size seems very common within the open-source, embedded module community.

    As for the naming differences, I believe they're both correct - PH is the name of the series of connectors, whereas PHR-2 is a specific model number for a "2-pin connector housing"
    EDITED TO CLARIFY: As I understand it, JST is simply a type of connector, whereas PH is a specific size of JST connector. Thus all 2-pin PH connectors should be the same size, and thus interoperable.

    The Datasheet for PH connectors can be found on JST's PH connector page, and page 2 shows the Model Numbers for the different variations (different pin counts, surface mount, etc...) http://www.jst.com/home8.html


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