Gadgetbridge autoconnect

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  • Hi everyone,
    I have observed a weird issue where my Bangle JS 2 doesn't automattically connect and sync with Gadgetbridge on my phone. To be honest, this started a while back when going from v2.18 to v2.19/v2.20. I always have to go into GB and re-connecting my device to the app. I'm not sure why this is the case though and if anyone else experiences this. I am not sure if this is linked with my phone (Huawei p20 lite) or if it is linked with the watch itself. Any thoughts or previos threads I could look at? (I had a search and couldn't find anything similar)

  • I believe I've been experiencing this as well but am not sure when it started for me.

    Recently a new way to reconnect to devices was merged to Gadgetbridge as an option. That seems to have resolved the issue for me.

    If you are on a recent enough version (maybe it's just in nightlies so far) you can change this setting if you:
    click the 'plus icon' to add device ->'Discovery and pairing options'->toggle on 'Reconnect by BLE scan'

  • Have you followed the steps at­tra-setup ?

    It's good to have Reconnect automatically set in Gadgetbridge, and also to follow the steps on to ensure your phone isn't trying to kill Gadgetbridge in the background

  • @Gordon Thanks for the link. I had done this a while back and I just did it again (double checking everything) and still observing the same behavior unfortunatly. I am thinking that it's linked with Gadgetbridge based on @Ganblejs's response above.

  • Ok, I am attempting to get an updated version in the Play Store app, but I submitted it several days ago and I'm still waiting for it to be reviewed

  • Cool thanks for that update! Hopefully not much longer then!

  • @Ganblejs I tried to install the nightly on my phone and that doesn't seem to install at all! Must be linked with having an Android operating system but I'm not too stressed about that. I beleive I can build the app myself and target my specific device - I could also just wait for the App Store update as @Gordon mentioned as well.

  • Did you try installing the nightly alongside another version? That doesn't work in most cases - you'll need to remove the other one first.

    You can have one version of 'Bangle.js Gadgetbridge' and one of standard 'Gadgetbridge' installed at the same time though, I think - since they have different package names.

  • It should be live on the Play Store testing track now anyway, which you can sign up to with­.espruino.gadgetbridge.banglejs

    I've tried to submit it to everyone but it's having to go for review again

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Gadgetbridge autoconnect

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