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I'm just an embedded systems engineer fooling around with some crazy equipment!

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    Sorry, I closed this issue to soon when I got the first reply, so never got to end up replying. @Gordon, spot on with the DFU update! I was using the normal app loader (https://banglejs.com/apps/). Fortunatly I'm an Android user so no need to update I suppose but I did it anyway and it seemed to fix some other issues I was facing from prior to the update (2v18 to 2v19 but DFU stayed behind). I seemed to not be able to automatically connect to my phone back then but today it's been working fine since the FW and DFU update.

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    Hi all,
    I seem to have an issue with my DFU version when having a look at my firmware version. I recall trying to find the correct DFU to upload but didn't find much. Also not sure how to update the bootloader. I'd love any assistance with this and the ability to know what's actually happening. I noticed this before and after updating to firmware 2v20 earlier today.