• Hi All,

    Discussion on two threads have lead me to think we need to store some personal data for
    (age, height, weight, male/female ). This is so things like calories burned and distance travelled by a persons steps can be calculated.

    My suggestion would be that this could be done in two ways.

    1) Create an App like My Location called My Profile that adds settings menus to store the values of (age, height, weight, male/female )


    2) Add these settings into the Health App.

    I suspect that some will have strong views on personal data and the 'My Profile' approach allows those that dont want these values to be present on the watch to be managed by not installing the My Profile app.

  • The question that I have: Do we have more consumers then the health app for this data? If not we should just make entering this data optional and provide a reasonable default. Everyone that has no problem with storing the data on the watch can do so. Everyone else just gets values for an average person.

  • Do you have suggestions for the defaults. What should average gender be set to? Male or Female? Not set would have to average the values I guess. But the averages will be different for average male or female etc.

  • I don't have a real preference either way on what app to add them to, but it seems like a good idea.

    Although I know health has stepGoal that it uses for steps/day (widpedom appears to do its own thing completely and clock_info appears to use that if it can't find health info.

    I guess from that point of view it makes sense to stick info in health alongside stepGoal.

  • Thanks @Gordon, I wanted your view before I jumped in. I will add these as settings in the health app. I will then write some prototype apps to calculate calories etc. Finally once the calorie calculation is felt to be good enough we can add it to the health app.

  • @HughB Are you going to do it with or without stride length?

  • Was going to calculate step length from height, otherwise we will have to go into how to calculate it etc. Most people know their height but not their step length. All the smart watches I have tried just ask for weight, height, age and gender m/f.

  • Since I'm suddenly in need of the maximum pulse (as runplus is) I find the idea of a profile app more appealing..

    Was going to calculate step length from height

    I would like to see a step length settings. So everyone that wants to set the real length can do so. We can show a yes/no dialog in the height setting that promps the user if the step length shall be automatically calculated.

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age, height, weight, male/female personal data - My Profile App or Add to the Health App

Posted by Avatar for HughB @HughB