• I thought I noticed something odd when trying tu use the Alarm app.

    When you create a new timer and click on the minutes field you get the spin control (arrow at bottom and top of a number). I have been setting a value and then touching the back button expecting the value to change. But this is not the case. Back and BTN seem to be acting like a cancel. To take the new value you have to tap the centre of the screen to accept the new value.

    Not noticed this before.

  • This is the way it's always been I'm afraid - pressing the button usually has the same effect as 'back', and it seemed like you might need a way to cancel changing the value - so you have to press to confirm

  • I'll admit that this threw me off a bit too at first.

    It does appear that there is some inconsistency in the standard app UIs as to what Back does, which is unfortunate since it probably makes things more confusing than they could be. For instance, in the Alarms app, going to the menu to create a new alarm or timer, then immediately tapping Back without making changes, immediately creates a new alarm or timer with default settings, which isn't really what I personally would expect to happen. I'd expect the operation to be canceled, or perhaps a prompt asking whether I meant to save the new item. But then in most other places, Back actually does cancel the changes rather than confirming them. It's not really obvious which “rule” is in effect on a particular menu.

    In the case of the number-changer screen, perhaps having an OK button on Bangle 2 to set the value would be a bit more intuitive, assuming there is space for it.

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behaviour of spin controls - reset to prev value when press back button ?

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