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    Thanks! That seems to work. Darn, I had a back-of-the-mind thought about trying the offline compiler but really didn't expect it to change anything. Looks like I was wrong.

    Should we update dane_arwes.js as well? I'm not sure what uses that, but its corresponding dane_arwes.min.js also appears to have a mismatched commit/timestamp. This looks like the only other minified file in modules/ that I can see.

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    I'm having some confusion regarding the Layout library: I suspect the version of the code in the current emulator and my Bangle.js device does not match what I see in master on GitHub, and I'm not clear on how versioning works. The docs seem to say that the current version of modules are supposed to be automatically loaded from the app loader, but I seem to still have a version of Layout.js that is almost a year old despite having used my fork of the development app loader definitely much more recently than this.

    Then I happened to notice in the BangleApps repo that there is a Layout.js and a Layout.min.js file, and the latter is several months older than the former, the former containing the functionality I was looking for but in fact I'm guessing the older minified version is in fact the version that is actually getting deployed. I can confirm this by manually installing the non-minified version into the IDE emulator under a different name (different because apparently if I use “Layout” the built-in version still takes precedence), and I see that the specific behavior of the newer code then works.

    Assuming someone simply forgot to update the minified files when making changes, I was going to use EspruinoDocs/bin/minify.js to update the minified modules and PR the update, but I can't get the minifier to work for Layout.js (though I've successfully used it for other files). I get errors I don't really understand; I guess the script doesn't understand the result from the Closure compiler. I've attached the full output log of the minify script.

    If anyone could shed some light on how this works or let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree somewhere that would be great.

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    That's odd - how exactly were you listing files?

    I was seeing the duplication both in the app loader's app list and when browsing the Storage files in the IDE.

    I can't be exactly sure when I first noticed it, but it was pretty soon after unboxing. I think the very first thing I did upon plugging it in to charge and powering up was to update the firmware (since the app loader suggested it). I think the old FW was 2v16 or 2v17, can't remember for sure, and I installed 2v18. I think I tried installing apps directly after that.

    Anyway, I noticed that the duplicate files did not appear in the ZIP produced by the backup feature, so I tried what you said and made a backup and restored it, erasing storage before the restore. Everything seems intact but with only one “sched” app instead of two, so it seems that solved it.

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    The codes in the debug log definitely look like terminal escapes, though I'm not sure exactly what formatting they're for. Normally colors and formatting aren't that essential, but perhaps other characters in certain output might be important. If it is just the same output that the left pane in the IDE would display, I wonder if it would make sense to have a button or tab shortcut there for viewing the contents of the debug log using the same VT100 interpretation of escape codes. I'm not sure if the debug log file is an Espruino- or just Bangle-specific implementation, but it seems like a quick-view feature could be a handy debug tool.

    The BLE interval makes sense. That would also explain why the response in the console sometimes seemed a little laggy for a moment. Checking the running app is a good point; I should have thought of that but didn't. I've mainly been using Timer Clock as the clock, but I just tried it with the default Anton clock and the first page of Settings and didn't notice any difference in behavior—it still happens the same.

    I played with setConnectInterval and do notice that any interval higher than about 100ms seems to consistently reproduce the bad behavior. Lower intervals work okay. So far it seems that this is the only thing that causes the weird behavior.

    Yes - this is more laziness in implementation I think. The text is added to the filename in the Storage window so you can see that the files are different (as this can be important), but then when saving the original filename should really be used.
    Although... I have to juggle a lot of stuff with Espruino - it is literally just me working full time on this - and it's unlikely I'll get time to put in fixes for all this stuff. If you'd be willing to jump in and make some fixes, that'd be great - as with the app loader you can just fork the IDE and host your own copy with GitHub pages for development if that's easier than having a local server

    Understandable. I'm kind of overwhelmed with various ideas myself and it's hard to decide what to do when. :) It looks like the priorities are in the right places, though, as the important underlying functionality seems pretty solid. Most of the things I'm encountering are fairly minor UI/polish type stuff, and that can always be fixed. I may consider taking a stab at some of it at some point.

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    Oof… I just posted the pull request, but I just realized something else that bothers me. In the Health UI, movement data per hour frequently measures above 255, even though the DB field for it is only uint8, so I think it must be adding together all of the values per hour. My PR generates the daily summary by averaging everything instead, so it still looks a bit low compared to the by-hour graph.

    The daily summaries alone should at least still be useful for comparing with themselves, but they wouldn't be appropriate for comparing with the hourly values shown on the graph. I guess in that case one way to make them consistent would be to add up the values per hour, then average the hourly values? That's a bit more complicated. I'm not really sure what the right thing to do here is, given that it doesn't seem well defined what exactly the “movement” metric and its summary means, apart from being a somewhat arbitrary reference.

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    Quite likely it is binary (or maybe even UTF-8 now?) = there is some non-ASCII byte there. Often there is a button there to switch to text mode, maybe it should be there always (currently it is not).

    There are what look like random escape codes in the tracebacks and such, which look like formatting codes for terminal emulators. But they're not really that useful for a written .txt log in a file, given that they confuse programs.

    The only button I get is for “decode JS”, but that doesn't seem to do anything in this case. Having a way to force it to treat the file as text would be helpful, though, especially in cases like these where I know it really is text with just a couple of stray rouge bytes that can be safely ignored.

    Which OS or browser it is? On Windows in Chrome it definitely adds just .txt

    For some reason on Ubuntu and Chromium it wants to add the string “ (StorageFile)” to the end of the filename, which confuses the system file save dialog. I can rename it but it's annoying. That's what displays in the storage list in the UI, too, but I'd argue that the “(StorageFile)” prefix should be dropped in the suggested filename when saving (or else placed just before the extension, or at the very start of the name or something).

    It may be out of memory (or low stack?) situation. Maybe some app that use lot of memory/stack is running? Do you see some error or exception message in the 'dump of strings' or series of dots inside of (json) output?

    It doesn't appear that there is a memory issue. There are no errors or exceptions, either, just the list of strings. However, I am starting to notice the pattern: It seems to happen consistently if the watch has been idle for a minute or so before I request the list. If the Bluetooth link was just active, it works fine, but after a couple of minutes, the odd delay and strange behavior occur, only for it to work fine if I immediately try again. It sort of makes me wonder if it could have anything to do with power management on the Bluetooth link somehow causing problems.

    I happened to catch this in the IDE error log when it happened:

    >>> Receiving...
    WARNING: No result found for "require('Storage').list().forEach(x=>pr­int(JSON.stringify(x)));" - just got "< <<\r\n\".bootcde\"\r\n\"launch.app.js\"\­r\n\"launch.settings.js\"\r\n\"launch.in­fo\"\r\n\"antonclk.app.js\"\r\n\"antoncl­k.img\"\r\n\"antonclk.info\"\r\n\"about.­app.js\"\r\n\"about.img\"\r\n\"about.inf­o\"\r\n\"widlock.wid.js\"\r\n\"widlock.i­nfo\"\r\n\"widbat.wid.js\"\r\n\"widbat.i­nfo\"\r\n\"welcome.boot.js\"\r\n\"welcom­e.app.js\"\r\n\"welcome.settings.js\"\r\­n\"welcome.img\"\r\n\"welcome.info\"\r\n­\"health.img\"\r\n\"health.settings.js\"­\r\n\"setting.img\"\r\n\"sched.bo"
    getFileList TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'trim')

    Which clearly looks like the data it received is being interrupted somehow (although I then get what looks like an untruncated dump of it in the debug pane, whereas normally when it works correctly nothing at all appears there except a new prompt).

    As far as I know, I haven't seen other issues when doing other actions after such inactivity (such as sending/receiving apps with the App Loader, etc.) Just the storage list in the IDE.