LCD Calibration Trap

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  • Maybe LCD Calibration should be renamed touch calibration.
    Reason: I managed to tap 8 times in the middle of the screen,
    not understanding what it is.
    This made the unit unasable and hard to reset.

    However I have to say that the handling of the issue, the trouble shooting documentation
    and the app loader page and handling are very good if not to say excellent.
    Very easy to use, very well done.

  • The calibration should not accept 'unreasonable' values... as the PALM showed x-es to touch/tap.

  • Worth raising an issue for it, then someone might fix it.

  • Years ago I did some calibration coding when exploring resistive touch screen on these very available 240x320 262k color TFT LCD displays: Touchscreen. Then, the touch screen readings were analog values that went into a formula and delivered the pixels... now it is muchs simpler for the pixel part: the reading already deliver pixels... but timing for touch and drag/swipe may more complex since the screen is much smaller and the touching device is more fuzzy (finger tip vs stylo).

  • Ahh, thanks - yes, as you say maybe some sanity checking on the values and refusing to set them if they aren't within range would be in order?

    Renaming is a bit tricky as right now it's just Calibrate under LCD. If we made that Touch Calibrate the text would have to get very small to fit it on, and I imagine some folks might complain.

  • Yeah agree, lets keep menu labels as short as we can so that they are readable. LCD/Calibrate is enough in my view.

  • It probably is enough, I was just used to old LCD screens where you can adjust some contrast parameter so I did not get what it was.
    And once you ve set it to zero its a bit hard to reset anything.

  • Maybe a utility button in the apploader "More..."-tab for deleting the setting.json file would be useful for these cases. At least that would get the watch usable again without fiddling with the IDE. An alternative could be an interface page for the settings app that allows to change or reset some/all settings from the apploader.

  • Maybe a utility button in the apploader "More..."-tab for deleting the setting.json file would be useful for these cases

    Yes, that's a point. I've just done this and added a sanity check to LCD calibration

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LCD Calibration Trap

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