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    Thanks much for the example, how to poll this clock info would have been one if ny next questions.
    However there are also some other severe bugs that need to be fixed first:

    1. The screen is not cleared and redrawn properly
      Todo: put everything back in one draw function again
      This is also necessary since some elements overlap occasionally.

    2. day in week is wrong, right niw it shows the date on Tuesday while its actually Sunday.

    3. Probably related: Date of Moon phase change is wrong, and jumping around.
      At the moment the Moon is placed on Sunday while next half Moon should be on Friday

    I think there is a Clock Info module for Moon phase too, and it makes sense to use this instead of an extra calculation since someone interested in this might want install this module anyways and then its also not recalculated too often.

    I dont have much time this week, if someone feels like fixing one if these issues before I find tje time just drop a line here so we dont work on the same thing simulatanousky.

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    heres a photo, exaggerated

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    I have ghosting of the welcome screen too.
    Not sure if this is related: I also have problems with the screen not being cleared with clearRect.
    On the image, the second line from top should only have two seperated dots.
    In the bottom, the vertical lines are 15 px, the ckearRect is 36px so there should nit be any residues.
    The screen is only redrawn every 3 hours in that part. The top part is redrawn every 30 minutes.
    Probably a different issue though, I assume the ghosting is an electrical thing and I think at least on my device there is too much mechanical stress and tension on the screen, there is some uneven lighting that looks like the screen is pressed against the parts under the screen. I could not make a photo of this, is there a large IC or similar in the lower part under the screen? and a small ~3by3 mm square thing in the bottom left corner?
    The grafic residues in my app look more like a software problem though.

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    Thanks. I added some more data, didnt use all the options though.

    Its now in my App Loader copy if any feels inclined to check it and give some feedback.

    Its called "APolynaths Clock" cause thats what it looks like to me

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    thanks. I have this sorted, but still get the error " has no supports field or is no array"

    I also get a warning that app ownweather is also listed as data file for weather.
    Now, I have not listed anything as weather data.
    what I think is that the metadata is maybe incomplete.

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    Right now I am fighting with the Guithub process.
    Most of all I dont understand the part with renaming the png app.js.
    But if I ommit it or use png instead it produces an error
    Also get an error "App has no 'supports' field or its not an array"

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    Its the font that gives a special mood I think.
    A drawback is that it really depends on tge dark theme.

    Nice idea about the sceonds, and no, I havent thought much about seconds yet,
    and now that the screen is updated asynchronically it seems less easy to implement,
    or maybe it could be done with the overlay?
    I havent looked into this yet. Or it needs to be restricted to a smaller area
    so the week doesnt have to be redrawn.

    But probably I will make a different more animated clock with the original
    idea of scaling numbers and vector font anyway.

    Do we need seconds? The other day I was thinking that you can always switch to a
    specialized stop watch or timer if you need them and that they really
    were invented because mechanical clocks needed them to work.

    On the other hand I like the idea of the watch waking up and getting more vivid
    and more slow when it rests.
    Also a contrast between the slow 24h line and moving seconds would be nice.

    I think I ll just have to finish and release a version and then see.