time setting after travel

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  • Two months ago I travelled to Europe from the UK. Since then often I see the time on my bangejs2 is shown in CEST.

    Now I tried many things. Set the time to UK time via the watch but that doesn't help. I tried checking the setting via Gadgdtbrigdge Bangle JS but even with things like setting the location or even explicitly via the GPS info app.

    Sometimes the time is correct and I suspect it is due to the Android app, but other times it drifts an hour to Europe time.

    Before I took the watch to Europe it was consistent.

    Does anyone understand what I might do to make the time consistent to my time zone?

  • In the Apps view or at https://banglejs.com/apps/ you can set "Always update time when we connect" in the tab "more". Maybe that helps. Also make sure the time zone of your phone is right. Also maybe post a list of apps installed on the watch.

  • Someone else has had some strange issues that sound a bit similar too: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i¬≠ssues/2575

    Is it possible that somehow the Android phone itself has got set up such that it thinks its 'home' timezone is in CEST now?

  • Thanks Hank your advice seems to work!

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time setting after travel

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