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    Thanks Hank your advice seems to work!

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    Two months ago I travelled to Europe from the UK. Since then often I see the time on my bangejs2 is shown in CEST.

    Now I tried many things. Set the time to UK time via the watch but that doesn't help. I tried checking the setting via Gadgdtbrigdge Bangle JS but even with things like setting the location or even explicitly via the GPS info app.

    Sometimes the time is correct and I suspect it is due to the Android app, but other times it drifts an hour to Europe time.

    Before I took the watch to Europe it was consistent.

    Does anyone understand what I might do to make the time consistent to my time zone?

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    Thanks for the info. In the end I had to:

    Reset without loading any code
    Utilities Remove All Apps/Install Default Apps
    Reinstall apps

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    I tried to update from Chrome v83 today and I got problems.

    First it failed in updating 6 apps, then when I tried again it complained something about unexpected data.

    I lost the settings page after I tried to turn Debug on (it just froze) so I then I deleted all the apps that it wanted to update including Launcher. Now I try and reinstall the Launcher and I see

    "Upload failed, Unexpected Response " then a square box then "[?7l"

    What does this mean?

    I tried rebooting etc. Did something change in the Web app? Do I need to turn debug off?