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  • I have not really looked into it. Talking from an Android standpoint I believe that if the phone notification has a reply function then the bangle can use that.

  • You'll need a nightly build of Gadgetbridge, but with that you can reply - I tested and got it working a few weeks ago. If the message received has reply:true set then you can reply to it - you can't do it for all of them. See 'notify' under­ssages-from-bangle-js-to-phone

    There are keyboard apps already too - see and 'read more'... so actually adding the ability to post a reply is only a few lines

  • thanks .i am not coder so i dont understand read more and reply:true, and notify part in the link you gave.if it was easy why no one make app ready to reply massage?it is very important to me like buy or not?(still can buy because more usefull apps then gtr 3 pro amazfit,i am bored ,want to change)
    any video or screenshot for relpy massage? and how can understant if notification is reply:true?bluemail app emails can be replied via watch?

  • please look into it) will take more interest and will be real smartwatch

  • if it was easy why no one make app ready to reply massage?

    It's just a question of motivation and prioritizations - no one with the right combination of those has come along up till now 😉

    Speaking for myself, I think it could be neat. But the times it would be more convenient than writing out the reply on my phone seems few to me 🙂

    If you would like to give it a go @Gordon has made good tutorials for learning to make and modify apps. E.g.­opment. If you'd like to try I could chime in with pointers if you'd have questions 😇

  • thanks for help ,i will look but in future i beleive someone will make this app

  • @user157973 you're in luck! Someone is working on reply functionality:­ull/3473

  • Thanks for letting me know, I'm really excited. I even went to the site to buy it, but I saw that it was not shipped to my country. I hope the shipping problems will be solved and I will sell GTR 3 Pro and buy Bangle JS 2.
    Applications should be allowed to be sold in the store, even for a small fee. This will let us to support to application developers and to create better quality applications.

  • i will try to buy with links thanks

  • look like adafruit send only to my country .
    reply app can do reply massages to on watch keyboard?i couldnt understant on replies to developer(link you gave) ,more technical than i can understand

  • reply app can do reply massages to on watch keyboard?

    Yes, the following indicates that you'll be able to write out replies directly on the watch with the keyboard you choose to install:

    allows apps to prompt the user to either select from a set of canned responses or to compose a reply if a textinput keyboard app is installed.

  • i hope will be no problem later .great pebble alternative , i ordered bangle js 2 from adafruit thanks

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App ideas - free of charge

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