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  • I'm starting this thread in the spirit of the Watchface Ideas conversation.

    • The idea is list apps you wish existed, as vague or detailed as you want.
    • Shout out someone else's idea if you think it's a cool one, giving others a sense of the demand.
    • If you start developing an idea from this thread, leave a comment saying you do but keep more development specific talk elsewhere - ideas should be spotlighted here not technicalities.
    • I don't really know too much about immaterial rights, but let's say if you publish an idea here you agree to it being implemented and uploaded to the espruino/BangleApps repository under the MIT licence.

    Maybe you have an idea you've been thinking about but don't know when you'll get to. That's the case for me!

    So here are some apps I might create in the future - but where I'd be delighted if someone else beat me to it!

    • Note taking app integrating with google keep.

    • Work logger app - press buttons automatically logging when starting/ending work and pauses with help of date/time library. Exported as csv or some other format to computer.

    • 7 minutes workout app. DONE -it's here.

    • Automatically adjusting workout planning app akin to whats tested here on "The running channel" on youtube.

      The app suggests the 'optimal' workout based on a variety of factors like sleep, previous workouts and other indicators of fitness. Warns you during workouts if you overdo it etc. If we're lucky there's a paper somewhere just waiting to be implemented. - DEVELOPMENT TALK.

    • Analog Clock Widget - the analog counterpart to Digital Clock Widget, somewhat in the style of the red back button or Close Button to launcher. - DONE, THANKS GORDON! It's here.


  • Watchface: for two. We had this with the pebble. It shows just the current time 2x in large but the top half of the screen is turned 180° so a friend can also read the time.

  • Hey! Nice topic =)

    GPS Breadcrumbs: app should automatically save GPS waypoints when a person moves and fall asleep when B.js idle for a long time (a person not moves). The app should then guide the person back from point to point, automatically. The idea is to have many intermediate saved GPS points, for example, to wander around an unfamiliar city or forest and then return back along the same route.

    There are similar applications, but there you need to mark and select waypoints yourself: GPS Navigation, Waypointer Moto, Way Pointer.

  • @Hank Sympatico!

    @Serj Thanks! Fun idea!

    Edit: Added a couple ideas to the opening post.

    1. I'm all up for the app that suggests a workout plan. As seen in the video, the app suggests the intensity of the workout based on heart rate zones and shows these during the run.
    2. I think I already spoke a few dozen times of heart rate zones, this neat feature is needed to make banglejs a real sports watch (in line with competition), and/or to improve its fitness tracker possibilities.
      I'm globally fully supporting all apps that would provide functionnalities present in other sport watches.
  • Nice idea for a post! I just added an analog clock widget for you :)

  • Oh, thanks! :D Installed and favourited!

  • An application launcher with categories (tags), so for example the compass has the tags tool,outdoors". So to start compass you first go to the category tool or outdoors.
    Should be faster with a lot of installed applications.

  • Regarding 2. about heart rate zones:

    So adding an app or modifying an app with set intervals for different heart rate zones and the app says "take it easy!" or "work harder!" depending on in which zone you are and what zone you should be in? Or a slider showing where on the spectrum you are in that moment?

    Have you seen these apps: HeartZone, Workout HRM ?

  • There's now a basic Seven minute workout app here.

  • It's now merged into the app loader:­=sevenmin

  • @Gordon - installed the analog clock widget - only seeing it display when I am using settings. Have tried a variety of clocks. Does not seem to work. All my apps are up to date and am using latest firmware.

  • For me it works, displayed when the widgets are shown in apps (e.g. Desktop Laucher, Torch) and I'm not on my clock face/app.

  • Have tried a variety of clocks. Does not seem to work.

    The whole point of the analog clock widget is that it displays only when you're in an app or launcher and not in the clock itself (because then you already have a clock shown).

    Is that the problem?

  • I got a bangle for one single reason: I wasn't able to find any other standalone watch that could input alarms for dated events with title/message. (Other watches show events from attached device's calendar - so not standalone, or allow to input text for alarms that can only be scheduled on a weekly basis, e.g. the WatchMinder. Doing a program on Android seemed too complicated, and battery life didn't seem that good, so Bangle looked promising.)

    So "sched" is already able to schedule that for us on the Bangle, but it needs the associated UI.
    A few steps in that direction:

    1. In the "New" menu of "Alarms & Timers", add an "Event" entry that will allow to input a date (and a message, if a keyboard is available) using standard menu entries - [Done]
    2. Add the possibility to input a message for the standard Alarm and Timers as well (if a keyboard is available) - useful for e.g. "don't forget to bring back milk when you're done with your 30 minute task" [Done]
    3. Add a "Repeat" parameter for the "Dated Event" (e.g. "20th of each month") [In progress]
    4. Add a setting to sort the alarms /timers/events in "Alarms & Timers" by time of next occurrence.
    5. Display the upcoming events/alarms on the clock when it is active. (with touch events to display more)
    6. Create a touch-enabled "date-picker" (I think I can have the day, month, year, hour, minute all touch-selectable in the same screen)
    7. Implement an automatic backup of the scheduled alarms/timer/events, or at least a watch-triggered backup (not sure yet how that will be done, hopefully it can be HTTPed somewhere, possibly on a local machine with a simple http file-upload service, TBD).
    8. Improve the Dragboard keyboard so that when we detect a change in direction (most likely because we went one or two characters too far away), it slows down when displaying the previous one or two characters, so that we don't go passed the wanted character again.
  • Is that the problem?

    I did not realise this was by design.

    I guess an option to display it when a clock was displayed would be a nice feature as well.
    I'm constantly trying new clocks out. And it allows for more obscure clocks, where its
    handy to have something else show the time in a more recognisable fashion.
    Eg the binary clock etc.

  • Sounds great. I haven't used the alarm timer for a while but I see it has come a long way already.

  • App Idea: Home Assistant Button Widget! Size of Close button but configurable for what it does and a symbol on it. 2 state types, on and off for one type and trigger for the other type. Then you could also do multiple buttons and fill the widget area. Then you could do configurable width too. I'd love this for like a light I use all of the time etc.

    App Idea #2: Quick Launch button widget. Same as the home assistant but launches a bangle app directly! Uses the icon of the bangle app. Multiples possible. If currently open, replace with blank space.

  • App Idea #3: Max/Min Charge settings. Program charge up to 80% and then turn off charging battery until it hits 20%. I'm thinking because the bangle could be just a display on my desk and I don't want the battery to get puffy!

  • @user140377 The Tag Launcher exists since a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of nxdefiant!

    Fun to see some new ideas in the thread!


    • Regarding 2. Alarm messages, have you seen the Noteify app?
    • Regarding 8. Dragboard refinement, that would be cool! I'm sad to say I probably wont code it myself anytime soon though.

    @andiohn Nice ideas, #3: Max/Min Charge settings would be most relevant to me!

  • @Ganblejs, the Alarm messages app would be cool if it took info from gadgetbridge!

  • @andiohn as I understand it, the Home Assistant app adds a 'clock info', so if you have clocks that display them (eg BW Clock, Slope Clock ++) then when it's showing, tapping on it will perform some kind of Home Assistant function. That might be what you want, but if not a widget could be neat.

    The Quick Launch is a great idea - and while it doesn't exist currently, it could also be good as a clock_info

    Max/Min Charge settings

    I'm afraid none of that is under software control, so there's nothing we can do to stop charging. With the proper charge controller in there I'm not sure that it's a huge problem keeping the Bangle on charge though.

  • @Gordon, it's possible we could trigger home assistant to turn off the usb port that's charging the bangle if the home assistant bangle app could trigger an automation based on charge level! That'd be a way around it.

    I've had tablets turn into spicy pillows when they stay at 100% all of the time :/

  • This could help too: HomeAssistant exposes an api such that its easy for other apps or widgets to send custom triggers to home assistant: ha.sendTrigger("MY_CUSTOM_TRIGGER"). So in your widget you could easily check if its charging and above a certain level and send a trigger to stop charging (I currently use mystrom in HA)

  • App?:
    Pic messages
    Make it that any (some) messages come in the form of pictures, not text.

    SMS in Japanese should gradually appear as pictures on the B.js watch screen.

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App ideas - free of charge

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