run app, recorder and alarms

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  • I went for a run today and fortunately remembered to disable the alarms. The last time I went for a run the alarm interrupted the application.
    Is it possible to get around the problem?

    If I close the running alarm I go back to the watch but it seems to me that the recorder app continues to work, would the solution be to reopen the RUN app and confirm an append to record the track?

    The confirmation buttons (yes, no, append, new) are really unreadable for a my eyesight, is it possible to enlarge them and maybe give them a different color?


  • I guess one option is to do like we do when notifications arrive - to buzz the watch and flash a notification when not on a clock, but to only actually go to the alarm if you tap it.

    Otherwise I guess the run app could save its state when it exits, and could resume, but it's all extra complexity and stuff to go wrong.

    is it possible to enlarge them and maybe give them a different color?

    They're based on the current theme, so you can just change the theme... But the button text is part of the built-in menu system - it could still be changed by doing something like­ication though.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    The first option I think is perfect, without complicating our life and continue to use the system comfortably, without interruption.

    For the modification I will see if I can put myself, thank you that you gave me the direction to do it!

  • Great, thanks! Hopefully, it should be reasonably easy to see how it's done in the Messages app :)

  • What about emitting an "alarm" event? An app could add an handler for it like

    Bangle.on("alarm", (important) => {
       // save state?
       var ret = ?
      // ret = 1: exit app and show the alarm
      // ret = 2: remain in the app and show a blinking icon in widget bar 
      // ret = 0: ignore the alarm
       return ret; 
    Bangle.on("afterAlarm", () => restore..)

    Could be an idea?

  • We could do... but we have no way of getting a return value from the event, so we'd have no way of knowing if it was handled...

    That may be enough though. Just load the alarm if in a clock, or if not, fire the event and buzz/flash the alarm icon

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run app, recorder and alarms

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