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    I confirm that a reset solves the problem, with the default apps everything works as it should and bluetooth once "off" stays off.
    Yeah I'm glad, thanks, I'll add one app at a time and see how it goes.

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    I am now with firmware 2v13.142, I will try a firmware update and maybe even a reset with the default apps to see if without "additional" apps I get the same results.

    Is there any way to see, connected to the IDE, if an app activates bluetooth?
    Some sort of trace...

    Thank you for your time !

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    I tried what you asked, there were no active connections but I checked, the icon was already grayed out, set "make connectable = no", reverified the grayed out icon, went back to the initial clock screen and reconnected without any problems from chrome.

    I confirm that setting "make connectable = no" with an active connection breaks my connection.

    I previously used Garmin because it's one of the few that allows you to disconnect bluetooth and "turn it into an offline device."

    I am trying to achieve this same result, it's not important to me how.
    If by disabling bluetooth I also cut off connections even better.

    Is it possible that there is some scheduling that reactivates bluetooth after a while?
    Or by going into the settings or trivially by unlocking the device?

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    I have now put my hand back on the bangle.

    I broke the connections, set "make connectable = no" and reconnected immediately without any problems with the IDE.

    The files you asked for are attached

    Thank you.


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    Initially, yes, there was a connection and the Bluetooth did not turn off (which was not good anyway).
    I broke the connection and disabled bluetooth on laptop and smartphone and set "make connectable = no" (which automatically set BLE = Off).

    The next day the problem showed up as described above, at most I'll have used the launcher and fixed the alarm (maybe).

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    Before I went to sleep, I set the bangle with "make connectable -> no" and in the morning when I picked it up again, it connected to the app loader https://espruino.github.io/BangleApps/ without any problems.

    MAYBE some commonly used generic app like the launcher or the alarm app, the only two apps I may have used afterwards, "re-enable" bluetooth.