Bangle 2 button no longer works - feels soft when pressing

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  • Hi - I'm really sorry to hear that. Is it permanently stuck on, or just not working?

    If it's not working, as long as you don't let the watch power off I could probably cope up with some code that would fake a button press using something like accelerometer tap detection so at least you could keep using it

  • Hi Gordon,

    it just stopped working and has no feedback anymore. Was never perfect and I had to press 2 oder 3 times until it clicked since I bought it. I'm thinking about asking a local smartphone repair shop if they could remove the screen.

    How can I install new software without pressing the button to reload? If there is a soft alternative for the button I have to bring it on the watch first.

  • I've literally just added this because someone else was complaining about having to press their button... If you try the development app loader, then More... -> Advanced Options -> Automatically reload watch after app App Loader actions it'll do it

    A smartphone repair shop might do it, yes - they'd just have to be aware they shouldn't get the PCB too hot, and they'd need a way to stick the LCD back on.

    Or, you could order a replacement LCD ( and if you let us know I'll chuck in a new button PCB. In that case you can just use a hair dryer to get the LCD off and not care about the temperature.

    All you really need are some thin tweezers for the button PCB and maybe a knife to help pry the LCD off, and some glue to hold it back on - it doesn't require much in the way of specialist tools.

    Glue is a bit more tricky - ideally you'd use black "Neutral cure"silicone/instant gasket that doesn't have the strong acetic acid smell when curing. I believe something like­Temperature-Gasket-Silicone/dp/B0751HQTB­L should do it - the magic word you're after is "Neutral"

  • hi,
    i should have posted in your utube video that,
    i follow your way to open my p8.
    but i dont have that heater or hair dryer (we dont use these).

    as you said you want a temperature of 90-100oC,
    actually this is simply water boiling point (ps this DO affected by altitude/salt etc)

    so for my town in which water boiling point is really 100oC,
    i put p8 on a stainless steel dish, then float it on fresh boiling water. for about 5 mins (flip it as you wish, as in cooking) then the glue will be soften.

    my swd tools' delivery is delayed so i have not tried if the p8 LCD is still ok.

    but i will test later, and other people may try and report here too.


  • ps by the law of thermodynamics and entropy, nothing in this system will be higher than 100oC,

    and practically, you know that there is heat loss, so the watch is at max 9x oC.

  • I'll try the print bed of my 3D printer.

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Bangle 2 button no longer works - feels soft when pressing

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