Simple Image Viewer ?

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  • Anyone tried simple image viewer ?
    I am wondering how you get the image onto the bangle to view ?
    There does not appear to be an icon when the app is selected in the lanucher.

  • Not sure if there is a better way currently but i use the web IDE ( to upload stuff. Third icon in middle gets you to the storage manager where you can convert and upload an image.

    I've found that the "simple image viewer" says in it's description that it displays showimage.user.img but actually looks for showimg.user.img .

  • It kind of works. Could do with a proper README file, screenshot and maybe a web interface to upload an image.

  • You could check out imgclock:­ree/master/apps/imgclock

    While I haven't ported it to the Bangle 2 yet, the basics in custom.html should work fine - effectively allowing you to choose an image and have it converted inside the app loader

  • Sorry about the confusion, i just corrected the README and app description. This is my first app.
    @Gordon: I will have a look at that, thanks!

  • BTW @RaoulDuke, i use the CustomQRcode for the same purpose (being able to show vaccination certificate) and it works fine too
    (sorry for the light off topic though)

  • @RaoulDuke

    Sorry should have visited this before commenting on the commit.

    @Gordon imgclock kind of works on bangleJs2 thank you but in gadget bridge apploader it does not allow me to costumise (when under my apps) nor upload my own image.

  • Just had a look at gallery. Seems to offer upload via the gadgetbridge but the upload button seems unresponsive. The readme says IDE.

  • The readme says with "Disk icon" or IDE. I don't see any mention of gadgetbridge.

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Simple Image Viewer ?

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