• Problem:
    I have sorted the apps in the launcher in a specific order for convenience, but every time a new app is installed, the order of the apps changes as new apps are added to the top of the list and break the order. Now I have to sort the location of the applications in the menu again.

    It would be great to have two features:

    1) Ability to specify in the settings: "Add new applications to the end of the Launch Menu"

    2) Possibility in the Launch Menu to pin any application at the beginning of the list or at the end (for example, allow this to be done through the App Manager). This feature will allow us to launch applications faster, since the pinned apps will always be in the same place, at the beginning of the list or at the end. There is a similar function in browsers, for example (tab > pin).

    Any thoughts on this?

  • Hi! Yes, this should be possible. Each app that's loaded by the launcher has a sortorder field, and when all the apps are loaded they are sorted by that field.

    You can list all apps with require("Storage").list(/.info$/) - so, suppose you want to make the stopwatch go right at the start, you can do:

    >var j  = require("Storage").readJSON("swatch.info­")
      id: "swatch",
      name: "Stopwatch",
      src: "swatch.app.js",
      icon: "swatch.img",
      version: "0.07",
      files: "swatch.info,swatch.app.js,swatch.img"

    This could definitely be added to the app manager - if only by re-writing all the app.info files with sortorder=index_you_want

  • Hi @Gordon! Thanks for the answer!

    Where in the future we can post a request for a new functionality for Bangle.js?

    Perhaps, somewhere there is a specific separate topic on the forum or GitHub?

    Something like this thread: https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoDocs­/issues/544

    but just a wish list for new features for the watch.

    Perhaps these features will be implemented by people who have experience, or more free time.

    Also, it would serve as a good starting point for those who want to make an application, but do not know with what functionality.

  • Hi! I think the best place to post a request (especially as it's more of an app thing) is in the BangleApps repository - that's where requests have been added so far: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i­ssues

    But yes, maybe in future we should set up a thread in the repo where issues can be voted on (I'm kind of surprised GitHub doesn't have something already).

  • OK got it! Have a nice day :)

  • I use the manual sort order option in the App Manager to set the order in which my Apps present in the launchers. The problem is that new Apps have 0 set as the sort order by default. I have to confess I dont like that much myself but I can see that some might like it as it makes the new App immediately visible. Maybe new Apps should have a sort order of 99 by default so that they would go on the end of the launcher list. Maybe the default value for a new App could be one of the Settings in the Settings app, IE newApps get sort order 0 or 99 ?

  • Good idea, by the way!
    When you just start using the clock, it is convenient to see new applications when you launch the menu, but over time, more flexible settings for displaying applications in the menu are required.

    But there is one problem: it is more convenient to set up from zero than from 99. I mean clicking on the up and down button to sort applications.
    Therefore, instead of 99, there should be the exact number of installed applications, minus 1. Or zero, with the ability to customize.

    On the other hand, I thought it would be cool if you could just specify a number. That is, I myself could specify 99 or 50 or 10 or 0. For example, if I have about 30 applications, then I would set the number 15 and all new applications would be somewhere in the middle of the menu. Since all new apps will have sort number 15.

  • new Apps have 0 set as the sort order by default

    I would set the number 15 and all new applications would be somewhere in the middle of the menu

    So what you do in this case, is instead of setting numbers between 0 and 99, you set numbers between -50 and 50 - and new ones go in the middle.

    This is basically what we do already though - you'll see a bunch of clocks (and the settings menu) have a negative sortorder to push them right to the front

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Bangle.js: how to pin apps in the launcher menu?

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