• I'd like to make bluetooth buttons to make changes in Android or IOS apps, in my case it would be Roadbook Navigator or Easy Rally. I'd like to use it to shift roadbook map there up and down, and also to adjust Odometer value and reset last waypoint value. There is some arduino based device at the market to work with that, I wonder if is possible to make it by my own with Espruino?

    I was thinking to use my Espruino Original with HC-05 module soldered into it, but not sure if that would be ok for that project. MDBT42Q Breakout would be better? Or Espruino Original would be enough?

    I tested my simple bluetooth button I purchased on aliexpress to work with IOS and Android camera on the mobiles. In my case when I use it with Roadbook Navigator it changes odometer value up, increasing by 1. So some connection is possible. I need 5 commands to be send to mobile app via bluetooth, up and down for odometer, shift up and down for the map and reset for last waypoint.

    Any chance to do it?

  • I think you can do HID both with USB HID, or Bluetooth HID. Most likely all you have to do is figure out the right keypress, and done :)

  • Yes, you could definitely do it - but you need USB or Bluetooth HID - so the Espruino Original (which can only do Bluetooth Serial) wouldn't be able to do it.

    MDBT42 Breakout/Puck.js/Bangle.js/Pixl.js would all work fine though.

    The Bluetooth HID example at https://www.espruino.com/BLE+Keyboard has an example of sending a then A - and you just need to take that example and nest calls such that you have it 5 deep - one for each of the 5 commands.

    Unless you have a reference perhaps the best way to figure it out is to attach a keyboard, then see what keys you need to press on the keyboard to make the right things happen.

  • I think HC-05 module is classic bluetooth and can do only SPP (=serial port profile)? You'd need some similar BLE module like HM-10 or many others (JDY-08, JDY-10, ...) best would be some that can do also BLE HID via AT commands instead acting just like BLE serial.

    Or check this https://www.instructables.com/Upgrade-Yo­ur-3-Bluetooth-Module-to-Have-HID-Firmwa­/ looks even HC-05 can do classic bluetooth HID when its FW is upgraded.

  • at the moment beside HC-05 i have BT04-R, would it be ok for that purpose?

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Bluetooth buttons for Android or IOS apps - by Espruino is possible?

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