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    hi, is any chance with espruino boards to use pdf simple files and convert them to display at lcd, tft or epaper displays?

    i am not thinking about diy ebook reader but about road book reader, like is used for enduro or Dakar styles rallies, there are simple navigation information based on a simple character and signs system,
    those road book maps are usally available and also can be created by user,

    issue is the sun, any tablet or present navigation system are most not epaper made what is
    bad for reading during the rally, sometimes is necessary to even stop to read the map,
    with epaper it should be much better for visibility of the data on the screen

    didn't finy any roadbook reader at the market with epaper and possibility to read pdf files

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    yes, it could be a delay, but I need to finish 2 projects right now, waiting for espruino with customs in my country is 2weeks +, so have to choose arduino again :/

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    I've just got my first MDBT42Q to try play with, after all customs and postage process which was an extra effort, during first time i wanted connect it I probably fried it.
    I know there is written warning to check polarity, I wanted to connect it via usb/ttl converter as my macbook doesn't support ble. I don't know how I did it, I checked wiring few times and finally connect it wrong.
    I know, my mistake, but from my point of view board for 20GBP should have protection against wrong polarity. I remember I made wrong connection with pico, but there is rectifying diode, I changed it and pico is still working.
    It's pity I can't play with ble again, MDBT42Q is fried, and Bangle.js I ordered can't connect with any of my 4 computers (they don't support ble, also few dongles USB I have). Unfortunatelly again I have to make step back and come back to arduino for another few projects, my next attempt to switch to espruino failed.

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    all notifications I needed works great, thank you

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    sms notifactions, fb etc. works, thank you, still fighting with weather notifications