- hackable smart watch?!?

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  • Did you see that glitch just a few minutes ago?

    The whole site was pointed to - a new espruino based smart watch coming up on kickstarter.


  • ooo interesting :) Can still see the squeeze page on the http link but https serves

  • It is up, just checked

  • But the kickstarter project is not there yet...
    This is so cool.
    Have your hacking gadget always on your wrist ;-)
    I wonder what the price tag is.

  • Wait until 11.11.2019 😉

  • Wow, sorry about that. Let me know if anything still seems wrong.

    Still, good publicity even if the glitch wasn't intentional!

    It'll go live on November 11th, so stay tuned. If you look at the main Espruino site or forum then there should be some links up!

  • No problem. I was just confused because my code would not compile anymore - external libs missing, forum down. Then I realised the news.

  • In the meantime, you can figure out some details about it, if you take a look at the commits :)

  • Espruino = the new Apple? ;-)

    New models and features through findings in open source code?
    Rumours, rumours...

  • Espruino = the new Apple

    I hope not! Basically someone's buying a bunch of them to give away, and they want some excitement over it so they want me to keep it secret(ish).

    I'd usually be pretty up front about everything I'm working on, but I can't really be at the moment. Still, just one week and I won't have to be quiet about it any more :)

  • ...Only a separate, private repository as fork of original Espruino would have kept you secure... Next time. Hahahaha.

  • Well, finally all our dreams have come true! :)

  • Those look really freakin pro!

    I may have to buy one.
    Oh who am I kidding, of course i'll buy one. I can't keep myself from buying cool new shit like this that I won't have time to use.

  • You have to wear it - this thing is much too cool to keep it laying around - I promise, you gone love it!

  • Looks like NodeConfEU was too excited to wait till the 11th too! :P­93592425232687104?s=19

  • The site for the nodeconf vesion of the watch seems to be up now:

  • And tensorflow micro? (not lite, something smaller than lite?)

    And apps:
    aaand why I don't have one right now?😍

  • Just launched on KickStarter!

    And tensorflow micro? (not lite, something smaller than lite?)

    Yes, I believe it's even a slightly stripped down version of Lite. We're still able to use it to detect gestures using the accelerometer though, and I'd be interested to see what other uses people come up with!

  • Just added myself to get the clock. Tried to be faster than all others, but looks like I'm only 11th in this race.

  • :) 11th is still pretty good - not sure how some people got in so quickly!

  • Wow, this is great. Both the kickstarter and NodeConfEU badge. I hope this will make Espruino community grow. Not everyone enjoys tinkering with GPIO pins, LCDs and sensors as such, having usable smart watch on your hand that also runs javascript is something completely different. At least all attenders of NodeConfEU conference will surely agree.
    And looks like the goal is almost reached after just a half day or less :-)

  • Goal reached, not even 5 hours after start.
    Big waiting for delivery in March starts now.
    Just comes to my mind, my birthday, end of march, hmm ... ;-))

  • @Gordon the hardware specs on the kickstarter says

    • Nordic 1.3 inch 240x240 16 bit LCD display with 2 zone touch
      Nordic does LCDs as well? :)
  • Thanks! That'll teach me for trying to do everything on a trackpad :)

  • This is just great.

    Watched your talk on Youtube.
    I was not aware that you actually "hacked" the hardware yourself in the sourcing phase.
    So what did the suppliers think of you taking over their product?
    You said "well, I like your hardware, but the app sucks - so I'll give you my own firmware here and just order a few hundred"?
    Sounds like a win-win... ;-)

    Can't await to get it.
    The previous Espruino gadgets were fun, but this is even something to show off, carry on your wrist and have a hacking session whenever you like...

    No wonder the goal was reached so fast. Who doesn't want one of these?

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