NRF52832 Bluetooth LE modules with Espruino

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  • Hi!

    How many people are interested in Bluetooth LE modules pre-programmed with Espruino?

    I have been considering offering the MDBT42 modules used on Puck.js, however they can be a bit fiddly to solder (with 0.7mm pin spacing).

    Would a larger module (similar in size to the HC-05, with 1.5mm pin spacing) work better, or should I just offer something with proper 2.54mm (0.1") through-hole connections instead?

  • You can add PCB adapter board with various pin arrangements.

  • For me, the MDBT42 module alone is too difficult to handle. I would like this or another module soldered on a small "baseboard" where the "baseboard" itself can be soldered onto "extension boards".
    Best I found so far is­utLabs/hackable-tiny-nrf52832-ble-develo­pment-board/ .
    Imagine "extension boards" like 10DOF, Wifi, LoRaWAN etc.

  • What about something inbetween?

    Realistically it's whether I make an adapter board based on the MDBT42, or I try and buy in a different module that has a larger pin spacing.

    I think that just supplying the adaptor unsoldered won't work - it's just too fiddly for most people.

  • What will be cheaper - two different board (small and big) or small board soldered on big board?

    For example, there are many very cheap ESP8266 modules soldered on top of adapter board.
    In big quantities there will be no significant difference.

  • Xungtong perhaps. 1.27mm castellated. Normal and PA (amplified) versions, pin compatible. 1K pcs USD 4 normal and USD 5 PA.

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  • What about selling a "Espruino" version of this board, @gordon?­le-5-nrf52832-development-board/?pt=ac_p­rod_search

    For a public price of 16$, you should also be able to make some margin and reselling it, with Espruino inside for 20-25$?

  • It's a thought... I'd actually just been looking at what I could get one of the Chinese ones for, but it's not any less than that.

    I could get them made for a bit less than that, but then I guess I'd need to have a bunch of stock - which I could avoid if I was just using something like that.

  • That one is 1.27mm pitch (so 0.05") - I guess that's more easily solderable.

    Do you think it's better than having the existing MDBT42 for the more hardcore, and then having a 2.54mm (0.1") breakout option too?

  • Same functionality + external antenna for less money...

  • Well, there is the external antenna, but you still have to do some pretty small SMD soldering to swap over the link and actually use it...

    Who would buy one? realistically you'd still need to make your own PCB to use it, but I guess I could sell them with a breakout PCB alongside, but not soldered.

    I can't help feeling that a pre-soldered 0.1" board would probably be a more popular thing to do first.

  • Also made several project on and - adapters for 0.1" for breadboard or templates for own projects...
    Sell board with 0.05" connectors for soldering to module and board with already soldered connectors..
    But yes, i also think that 0.1" pre-soldered breadboard compatible packs will be most popular just like NodeMCU, Weemos D1 or Lolin and etc. board...

  • I ordered one of these recently to see if it's any good. $12. Hasn't arrived yet.­h-4-2-Module-Bluetooth-5-BLE-Module-NRF5­2832-Module-2-4G/32834109708.html

  • I'd be interested to see what it's like - I thought that might be a zigbee-style module, so with a metric (2mm?) pin spacing... But i could be wrong as I don't think it says anywhere.

  • I'll report back when it arrives. Usual Aliexpress random number :-)

  • Have you ever ordered from Seeedstudio­tml?

  • Have you ever ordered from Seeedstudio

    Not using fusion PCB (I tend to use OSHPark or DirtyPCBs), but Seeed do in fact manufacture all the Espruino boards for me.

  • That NRF52832 board arrived last week. I can find absolutely no information about it online except that it's intended as a plug-in module for their bigger development board.

    There are no pin markings but a bit of continuity testing found VDD/GND/SWDIO/SWDCLK and I was able to flash the stock espruino_1v95.166_nrf52832.hex - Seems to work fine.

    With a pin spacing of 2mm and double rows of pins, it can't be used with breadboards. Having all the pins exposed is handy. I just have to figure out the rest of the layout! It'll probably end up being fitted inside a ring of RGB LEDs.

  • @ConorONeill, I am going the same route as you. I ordered the Raytac MDBT42Q BLE Module and I am planning to put a breakout board together once I receive it.
    Q#1: Which binary should I use?
    Q#2: Is the bootloader shipped with the firmware provided by Espruino?
    Q#3: What software did you use to flash the firmware on yours? (I have Segger programmer)

    A little background, I built prototypes before and programmed BGM111 directly using Simplicity Studio but I got very interested in using JS instead of C.


  • Sun 2018.07.29


    re: "I ordered the Raytac MDBT42Q BLE Module and I am planning to put
    a breakout board together once I receive it."

    and pre-installed Espruino from an authentic breakout board wasn't the preferred choice because . . . .?­ut

    Technical MDBT42Q Bluetooth Module

    Expect MDBT42Q-breakout boards available on Amazon N.A. around mid August 2018



    Found this regarding bootloader: Flash a new MDBT42Q with Espruino Mon 19th, March 2018

  • As @Robin says, take a look at - that should answer a lot.

    If you're ordering a module from the Espruino shop then it's all pre-installed, otherwise, direct from RayTac there is no software and you just use the MDBT42Q firmware on the Espruino site.

    Q#2: Is the bootloader shipped with the firmware provided by Espruino?

    yes, so OTA updates are easy.

    Q#3: What software did you use to flash the firmware on yours? (I have Segger programmer)

    If it's segger, just drag the hex file onto the JLINK drive that appears.

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NRF52832 Bluetooth LE modules with Espruino

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