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Developping IoT @ http://www.novaccess.ch , Switzerland

80% Hardware
15% Firmware

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    @Gordon you are just fantastic, it works like a charm! I still don't understand how you can be so reactive on so many topics. Maybe we all think there is only one Gordon, but in reality you are a whole dedicated team sharing the same account name ;-)

    Anyway, regardless of the number of Gordons out there, thank you very much for your help!

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    Any news regarding usage of OneWire on NRF52?
    Did anyone tried to use an UART peripheral to achieve OneWire communication, as proposed by Analog Devices in this application note?

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    Thanks for your useful answers.
    I actually never used Serial1 because it seems to be the default console interface when BLE console is not available.
    I will try forcing the console on BLE with E.setConsole("Bluetooth") in order to avoid problems between the console and the device plugged onto the Serial port.

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    Hi folks,

    I played a lot with UART on Espruino based on STm32. Very handy to communicate with various sensors or external systems.
    On STM32 boards SERIAL is very efficient thanks to the use of hardware peripherals in background. However, now that I am very convinced with Espruino on nRF52 (especially MDBT42Q which gives a lot of flexibility to build projects around), I struggle sometimes with the SERIAL library because it is implemented in software. I would say that with baudrate greater than 2400 Baud the Serial interface is not reliable anymore.
    Is anyone experiencing the same limitation? Is there any plans to provide a better Serial on nRF52 boards?

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    It is sad to read that, however all the reasons you mentioned are understandable. I think this watch is REALLY meant for coders/hackers/developers, and it does it really well (at least to me). I never used it as a health tracker, gps companion or any other use-cases that most of customers expect from a smart watch. I used it (and still use it everyday) as a remote control or as a wireless logger (my voltmeter sits on the lab while I get its value at my wrist and it is somehow useful), but the best I can get out of the Bangle.js 2 , and same from every Espruino devices, actually, is the ability to quickly test things related to electronics/control/programming.

    I hope you will find a watch that suits your needs. I found mine!

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    I don't think you will be able to make it through only 1 Bluetooth connection... Espruino cannot handle audio stream and usually Bluetooth audio receivers are closed solution without any way of hacking them.

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    My wife is using a puck.js everyday in the car to play/pause/next/previous songs she is streaming on the car audio system through Bluetooth. The phone connects automatically to both Bluetooth devices (car's audio system and puck.js through BLE).
    The code which is running on the puck.js is this one:

    var controls = require("ble_hid_controls");
      0x180F : { // Battery Service
        0x2A19: {  // Battery Level
          readable: true,
          notify: true,
          value : [Puck.getBatteryPercentage()]
    }}}, { hid : controls.report });
        0x180F: {
          0x2A19: {
            value : [Puck.getBatteryPercentage()]
    }, 60000);
    setWatch(function(e) {
      var len = e.time - e.lastTime;
      else if (len > 0.3) {
      } else {
    }, BTN, { edge:"falling",repeat:true,debounce:50})­;

    I think recent phones are always trying to connect to local Bluetooth/BLE devices that have previously been registered and allowed by the user

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    Sure, my idea was not to create a PLC out of Espruino, but rather to expand a PLC system (such as one made with Open PLC Project) with distibuted sensors/actuators which could be Espruino devices.

    At some point I will probably try to write a module capable of exposing ressources through a Modbus RTU client. This way, one could bind physical ressources (sensors, actuators) with the Modbus registers for a remote access.

    To be eventually continued...

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    You need an app like this one to connect to your Bluetooth device.