Dark silicone cases

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  • Hi,

    This is probably a bit early, but someone asked me if I'd ever end up making dark silicone cases for the Pucks (mostly clear with a black tint, so you could still see the lights).

    Having checked up on this, the minimum order for me would be 2000, so to make it worthwhile I'd have to be sure that quite a few people wanted them.

    Is this something that you'd be interested in? Let me know!

  • I'd go for that. If just for a little variety

  • I would buy dark ones :)

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  • What do you think? I'll be getting both dark cases and coloured ones made.

    I'll probably sell the coloured ones in a set of 4, and the dark ones separately.

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  • @Gordon, can you show us some video of these, or at least the black one, and original white, with the LEDs on?

  • Not yet - I'll have to wait until I get the manufactured ones back here. Those are samples, still in China.

    You can see the laptop lid through the black one, so it's quite transparent. The others are pretty solid but I figured if you wanted bright colours like that, the LEDs were never going to look that good through them anyway.

  • Oooh… nice.

    Puck.js. Now available in Space Gray.

  • Different colored cases are now available to buy:

    I'm not offering the colors separately at the moment (especially because they're less than the cost of posting them), but if there's enough demand for individual colors (or maybe sets of individual colors) then I could add them.

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  • My multicolor + space gray, + 1 more space gray covers came in this week. Very schnazzy

  • :) Thanks!

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Dark silicone cases

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