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    Yes, that was the "Disconnect Alert" I mentioned. This is shown in a popup coming from LightBlue. Sorry for being unclear.

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    Yes, no problem from a PC. There was never a timeout when connecting from the Web IDE. And yes, as mentioned in the first post I am using 1v91. On both Pucks.

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    Hi @Gordon, thanks for your answers!

    I think the timeout is around 2 minutes. It happens whether I write from time to time or not.

    I am pretty sure that the problem is that the connection breaks down: I checked from the iPhone with LightBlue and saw the peripheral Puck listed there after a while. And I was also able to connect to it from LightBlue. I think that is evidence that the connection between the two Pucks is no longer existing.

    Another interesting observation is that when doing the connection from LightBlue as a central I see the same problem: After about 2 minutes I get a "Disconnected Alert" from LightBlue. So for whatever reason the connection is disconnected from the peripheral after 2 minutes (or so).

    I agree that it is necessary to handle the breakdown of connections. But on the other hand having a connection for more than 2 minutes is probably important for a lot of applications. Especially since the reconnect takes about 10-15 seconds.

    I like the idea of using gatt.connected to check upfront if the connection is still existing. However in my case it still returns true, although writing fails. Even with a regular timer it still returns true at a point where the connection is no longer existing (because LightBlue lists the peripheral Puck again as advertising).

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    I have a problem that when connecting two Pucks together using BLE, there seems to be some sort of timeout going on which I did not program. I am using 1v91.

    I have a central and a peripheral Puck. Here is the code for the peripheral, which is pretty vanilla:

    var g_value = 0;
    function onInit() {
        "A4AF09E7-5BC2-46F6-BA08-DA8E0982D84D" :
            readable: true,
            writable: true,
            notify: true,
            value : g_value,
            onWrite : function(evt)
              digitalPulse(LED2, true, 10);
              g_value = evt.data[0];

    Here is the code for the central:

    var g_gatt = false;
    var g_characteristic = false;
    var g_counter = 0;
    function connect(nextStep) {
        console.log("Requesting device");
            filters: [{
                name: 'Puck.js 2061'
        }).then(function(device) {
            console.log("Connecting to GATT");
            return device.gatt.connect();
        }).then(function(gatt) {
            console.log("Connecting to service");
            g_gatt = gatt;
            return g_gatt.getPrimaryService("A4AF09E7-5BC2-­46F6-BA08-DA8E0982D84D");
        }).then(function(service) {
            console.log("Getting characteristic");
            return service.getCharacteristic("0x2A6E");
        }).then(function(characteristic) {
            console.log("Calling next step");
            g_characteristic = characteristic;
        }).catch(function() {
            console.log("Error connecting");
    function write(value) {
        if (!g_characteristic)
            connect(function() {
            console.log("Writing ", value);
            g_characteristic.writeValue(value).catch­(function() {
                g_characteristic = false;
    function onInit() {
        setWatch(function() {
        }, BTN, {
            edge: "rising",
            debounce: 50,
            repeat: true

    Again, nothing special. So when I first press the button on the central, it will connect to the peripheral and write the value. The peripheral will shortly blink green. Connecting of course takes a while, but subsequent writes will be fast. So far so good.

    The problem is that after letting the Pucks rest for a while, the write will fail. Then the catch will come into play and reconnect. So there seems to be some kind of inactivity timeout somewhere. I did not find any documentation for that or any hint how I can avoid that. Any ideas?

    The question is if there is a better way to send integers (preferably not just 8 bits) than sending them as a character and reconverting to an integer? Also, the way I handle the !g_characteristic case feels pretty clumsy. Any better idea on how to handle that? Generally, any hint on how to program the central more elegant is welcome.


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    Hi Gordon, just tested the fix, works perfectly now, thanks!

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    I just flashed on my Puck and it works very nicely, no problem. Uploaded from the same app.

    Very nice update, I like the NRF.setLowPowerConnection (note that the announcement above wrongly says E.setLowPowerConnection() ), and the hwRand fix especially! Thanks! Also the getAddress() is very nice, I needed that for some kind of self organization of a swarm of puck. So far I configured this in the boot code, but being able to ask for it is great!