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  • Hi - there are no immediate plans for a Bangle.js 3, in fact I'm due a delivery of another large batch of Bangle.js 2 in a few weeks so there definitely won't be anything in 2024.

    While I'm interested in getting a wishlist for a Bangle.js 3 to see what people like and don't like, and doing one at some point, I want to release some other Espruino-based devices before I even consider a v3 Bangle.

    Right now Bangle.js 2 does a lot of things right, and while it can doubtless be improved the cost of developing a brand new device is huge, so I can't afford to just keep pushing new ones out every 2 years unless it's going to be a vast improvement :)

  • Earbuds would be a good new device to release...we can call them bangle buds, rolls off the tongue...and any new watch should be circular, not the "apple-like" rectangular shape the bangle 2 currently resembles. Apple is the devil

  • ...and any new watch should be circular, not the "apple-like" rectangular shape the bangle 2 currently resembles.

    Some of us prefer a rectangular watch while others prefer a circular one. Analog wristwatches used to be circular because they make better use of the space for the hands (rectangular watches also existed, but were less common). Digital watches since the 1970's have been usually rectangular because they make better use of rectangular displays (which are better from a hardware point of view and for displaying information). Circular digital watches are the "new trend" and in my opinion are worse for ergonomics and displaying information. I think that nearly all of us would agree that circular watches with rectangular displays (like Bangle.js 1) are the worst of both worlds.

    I really like the Bangle.js 2 display, but I would prefer the display to be larger with thinner bezels.

    Apple is the devil

    Yes, but they didn't invent rectangular watches (like with most things people associate Apple with).


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