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  • Hi - there are no immediate plans for a Bangle.js 3, in fact I'm due a delivery of another large batch of Bangle.js 2 in a few weeks so there definitely won't be anything in 2024.

    While I'm interested in getting a wishlist for a Bangle.js 3 to see what people like and don't like, and doing one at some point, I want to release some other Espruino-based devices before I even consider a v3 Bangle.

    Right now Bangle.js 2 does a lot of things right, and while it can doubtless be improved the cost of developing a brand new device is huge, so I can't afford to just keep pushing new ones out every 2 years unless it's going to be a vast improvement :)

  • Hi Gordon,

    thank you for your reply. That is the information i was looking for. Especially that BangleJS v2 will be continued for the next time. So I consider to buy another one.


  • Earbuds would be a good new device to release...we can call them bangle buds, rolls off the tongue...and any new watch should be circular, not the "apple-like" rectangular shape the bangle 2 currently resembles. Apple is the devil


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