• Reading this topic, I was thinking about the run+ app.
    It draws quite a bit of energy. If I understood correctly, by changing the the code so that it updates only some parts of the screen, it would become more energy efficient ? At the moment I'm often doing 1 hour runs, which wastes roughly more than half the battery (using gps update every second, and an external bthrm (internal off)). In a month I have a half marathon, which should take 2h30. Besides running faster, do you have any advice to get a chance of finishing the race without flattening the battery ?

  • IIRC I made the graphics for the hr intensity screen to draw pretty lazily. But maybe it could be taken further!

  • By far the biggest power draw is the gps. Screen updates are less taxing. Be sure to have wake on twist setting set off otherwise your backlite will come on all the time you are moving about.

    The gps will discharge the battery from 100%-0% in about 6 hours.

    The battery life of the run app could be extended much further by turning the gps on until it gets a fix, off for 30 seconds then on until it gets a fix. I did this in the gpsclock info and was able to use the gps for 48 hours. When moving about the time to get a fresh gps fix from power on will increase and may take a while longer.


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