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I'm an enthusiastic Free and open source software proponent. Not a coder though.
I do sports and plan to find ways to use the bangle.js 2 in running, maybe swimming (I know about water resistance, but there are ways around that).

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    About water resistance, being able to swim with it would be great, but without going that far, resistance to washing the dishes and shower would be good. I happened to run under medium rain and I took it off because I was too worried for it. I'd be happy not to worry for so little.
    Also +1 for gps. Altitude is also very imprecise in my runs, I think it's related to another captor (baro ?)

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    In the "read more" section of "Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor" app, in the app loader, you'll see that it works with these ones:

    • CooSpo Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
    • Polar H10
    • Polar OH1
    • Wahoo TICKR X 2
      I'm using the Polar OH1+ to run, for almost 2 years: it works just fine.
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    Waow, it works great. It's reactive, looks nice and works as expected ! Thanks to all of you, you made my day and year, because I'll be using this app two to four times a week. I hope others will also get benefits out of it. I looked at the code, you did a great job at making this work efficiently. I can't decypher it all, but most of it makes sense, or at least I can guess what it means. It would have required a year of fiddling before I approach something that barely works.
    I went for 1 hour run, and the battery handled it, but it may have a sligthly higher toll on the energy draw (compared to the run app).
    I think anyone who tried run+ will agree: swiping between both parts of the app with a single direction swipe impacts negatively the UX.
    What more ? Bucket list...
    At the end of the race, I'm patient enough to go back home and check all the details, but it's only because I have no choice, otherwise, I'd be delighted to see the run stats, namely the percentage of time spent in each Karvonnen zone, average HR, distance, time, average pace, ...

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    hey @user140377 , yes Karvonnen works for all sports and maybe some cycling apps may get benefit from using this.
    As the next gen of banglejs will be waterproof and will contain a much more accurate gps and HRM (we all have dreams), it will be the perfect companion of all triathletes and sportsmen. That's where the Karvonnen will really shine :).
    On a more serious note, when I run with a Garmin watch and export the data (.fit) in GoldenCheetah (libre software to keep track of performances) , the time I've spent in each HR zone is automatically calculated, not with the .gpx of the banglejs.
    I'm off for a test run+ ! Thanks for the fix Ganblejs !!

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    I like Halemmerich's suggestions, especially the vibration on changing zones.

    1. If there's a vibration on zone change, maybe it should be handled in settings (like buzz on distance, on time, etc...)
    2. About the bpm for the alert that's a good idea, so that people can adjust their max heart rate. About this topic, most physicians consider going 100% or close of your heart rate's max to be a threat for one's life. It's the kind of effort that can be sustained only for a few seconds and that is extremely demanding. Finding your max heart rate this way is not encouraged (yes I did anyway). We don't want to encourage people to trigger the alarm zone...
    3. In the app download sections, in the readme sections, there should be a word about how to get minimum heart rate. It should be when you wake up before you made any move. That's where the heart rate is at its lowest. My min bpm is at 58 during the day, but drops down to 48 when I wake up, that makes a noticeable difference for the calculation of the Karvonnen zones.
    4. I'm excited about trying this out :)) !!
    5. I tried it. Looks nice ! But...
    6. All the settings are ignored. Min and max hr are ignored, the number of boxes, and so on.
    7. Because it's unconvenient to remember if we have to swipe right or left to get to the other screen, I think that any wipe action should bring the other part of the app.
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    Yeah sure, go ahead :).
    I uploaded the app on my watch and did a quick test a few hours ago, it already looked like it works ! Really nice.

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    Hi all, and thanks for your participation in this !
    It seems all this is going a long way :) !
    Even though I have no time for this right now, I tried the app this morning and I could swipe, but reached a black screen each time I did so.
    It seems the code was improved, I don't check it otherwise I'll get involved, dragged into it and carried away from critical tasks I have to complete.
    I have no clue if it's the way to go, but I accepted the merge in github, I'll check it again when I'll try to catch up, but seemingly not before a week at least.

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    I'm going to describe what I need. I usually run 50 to 80 minutes. I'm almost satisfied with the run app's live data (HR, duration, distance, avg speed) and being able to extract a gpx after the run is critical to keep track of my runs. Basically, the run app covers the performance and the Karvonnen would allow me to check the intensity of my effort. So I need the Karvonnen app for most of my run and the run app just a few times during the run to check how I'm doing in terms of performance. Also, as soon as I'm running faster (increasing the intensity), I struggle to read the small numbers of the run app, I needed something bigger. For my personnal use, I will add a buzz when changing HR zone. I definitively want to swipe between run and Karvonnen and have the benefits of both.
    I'm very happy to learn coding and I'm glad I have help to know where to look to implement what I need. Still, I have little spare time for coding and the process is very long for me. It took me 10 hours to get this code running. Now that I think about it, I think I should have written it differently... I will restart the process in a few weeks.