• I dont think counting down in mm:ss and redrawing it once per second would be too high a cost in terms of battery life. I guess it depends if this is going to be your most frequently used feature.

    My suggestion would maybe be to have it update once a minute until there's one minute left, then during the last minute "T-30 s", "T-10 s", "T-9 s", "T-8 s", "T-7 s", "T-6 s", "T-5 s", "T-4 s", "T-3 s", "T-2 s", "T-1 s" could be added. But that's maybe just conservatism talking :p.

    I also just realized that timers set in the app (either the standard 'Alarms and Timers' one or 'Simple Timer') will show on the clock_info. So there's a way to have a more granularly configured timer show on the clock_info that way.

    I will see if I can find the thread you mention but not had a lot of success with the search facility in the past.

    I think I was probably remembering this thread.

  • I think I would count down the last 59 seconds, that would make more sense. But even if it counted down in seconds all the way - the power consumption is not going to be an issue bad for a 5 minute period. Most people will use a countdown timer for boiling eggs or a 5 minute break or something like that.

    I probably wont meddle with this app and its quite inetgrated and there might be quite a few users who like it just the way it is.


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