• I just tried LCD clock here with stopwatch and it works great for me. Is everything up to date?

    And if you're connected with the Web IDE do you see any errors showing?

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  • Thanks for that.

    I was just about to go and reset a test watch to factory defaults and try build a set of steps to reproduce when I connected the charging cable and I spotted a different icon had displayed. I can get it to show if I swipe sideaways after the tap.

    The difference is that stopWatch clock_info has set its own menu to 'timer' when all the other so far have just used 'Bangle'.


    return {
            name: "timer",
            img: img(),
            items: [
                    name: "stopw",

    Calendar Clock Info:

      return {
        name: "Bangle",
        items: [
          { name : "Date",



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