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  • Is textinput available for BJS1 too?

    It looks like it is (and it should get installed automatically) but the only app that does it is Morse keyboard which may not be ideal! It should be possible to get something else working though.

    The 12x20 isn't on Bangle.js 1 as you noted - the app should really check with g.getFonts().includes("12x20") and use something else if it isn't there I guess.

  • so, i think textinput works well in bangle.js1 but i just did't know how to use it.

    Regarding the incompatible font, and just wishing.... :D

    Maybe this type of "common" incompatibilities among devices can be registered/documented, so it would ease to create an script to automate the detection of incompatibilities, potential incompatibilities, potential solutions,...

    Then users that develop for its/an specific device and don't use emulators can receive feedback from the script and maybe think about changing the code.

    Also it can help to maintenance of the compatibility list (specially useful for new users) so avoid having apps incorrectly marked as compatible; as this one was.


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