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  • The README does say:

    Reads BLE advertisement data from Xiaomi temperature/humidity sensors running the
    pvvx custom firmware (­r).

    Do you definitely have the pvvx firmware? I guess you could check with NRF Connect and see if the thermometer is advertising in the correct format (service data 181a)

    It seems like the textinput is only needed if you choose Change Alias from the menu - so did it not at least show the menu when the app started?

  • Definitel got the pvxx as I followed the link and specifically flashed it. The process was seemless and worked really well. Full marks to the people that did that work. I can connect through my Chromebook, I will give it a retry as it is always possble the chromebook held the connection. To get the menu you have to press the button to get it to pop up. I tried putting in some console.log to trace what was going on. Its defeinitely got some odd stuff going on like calling displayWidgets in the draw function etc.


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