• @johan_m_o did you choose the 'Pair' option when connecting, or was it not paired. I've seen when you pair sometimes the OS does seem to hang onto the bluetooth connection, especially if you enabled HID.

    Sometimes I have trouble when connecting to the app store.

    What happens if you go to the 'my apps' tab and refresh?

    The bitmap rendering of unknown characters and emojis is not working at all for me.

    That's odd - I think what's happening is some of those are getting converted to stuff like :heart: but it's trying to convert the whole word into a bitmap, which is why it's very long.

    There's currently an issue where some characters in the bitmap get converted to UTF8 by Gadgetbridge, and it all gets garbled. I think that's what you're seeing here - it still works most of the time. I plan to try and get it fixed soon but I thought I'd attempt to just get something out.

    is the bitmap rendering supposed to take care of words containing special characters as well?

    Yes. Right now anything that's not char code 0...255 is converted (assuming that the fonts support ISO8859-1 correctly). å is char code 229 though. It seems to be in the 12x20 and 6x8 fonts, but maybe not in the 6x15 one? What size to you think the font was that's not getting rendered right? It could be a Bangle.js issue.

    there was a small toast informing me that the Gadgetbridge app isn't installed on my Bangle.js.

    I really need debug info from Gadgetbridge for that, but the Gadgetbridge app isn't installed on my Bangle.js error occurs when the Bangle throws an error in response to Gadgetbridge sending a message - so that's a bug in the Bangle.js app (do you have the default Android app or did you also install Gadgetbridge Music)? I imagine you'd see exactly that error with the normal Gadgetbridge too.

    @rullen there is an option in Gadgetbridge settings to enable auto-reconnect. Is that on? I think the default is for it to be off?

    This version of Gadgetbridge, apart from a few additions like the app manager, font conversion and internet access, is pretty much identical to the normal Gadgetbridge that everyone's been using for the past year or so. The Bluetooth connection handling is identical, so if you had issues with the original Gadgetbridge, this one will be no different.

    Honestly I'm just stretched too thin trying to support everyone on every different platform with random watch configurations at the moment. I'll try and sort out the UTF-8 issue and get the word splitting better but really I need a bit of help on the Gadgetbridge side of things.


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