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  • @malaire thanks!

    @myownself I haven't found out yet but the datasheets I have are basically useless anyway. They're for the physical device (schematic, solder pads, etc) and in Chinese, and they don't mention registers or how it actually works anywhere

    You'll be able to tell from the source in GitHub though I've spent ages on reverse engineering so the vc31 driver is at least a bit better documented now

  • Ah fair enough. It is only in the past couple of years that I've done anything (minor) with electronics, so I'm still getting it into my head that datasheets are not that useful. I'll have a closer look at the source sometime, I glanced at it a while ago but I know you've made a lot of improvements to the HRM in the past week or so.

    This is all so exciting!

  • in chinese.

    I dont suppose there are any UK or American manufacturers of smart watches - or was that a dumb question as we just ask the Chinese to build them anyway. Nothing against China - just that I'm too old to learn Chinese.


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