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  • Maybe it's obvious—I got acceptable results using things like #FF8000 for orange (full red, half yellow). I'm not a fan of 3-bit colour, certainly in comparison with Bangle.js 1. Fortunately, I'm not drawing detailed pictures, and the number of users of my app won't likely exceed 10—in binary.

  • What a great idea! Perhaps, I should start writing down the number of my users as binary numbers as well...

  • Based on the idea with "half colors", I wrote the following little test

      let ScreenWidth  = g.getWidth(),  PatchWidth  = ScreenWidth/6;
      let ScreenHeight = g.getHeight(), PatchHeight = ScreenHeight/6;
      for (let i = 0; i < 27; i++) {
        let x = (i % 6)         * PatchWidth;
        let y = Math.floor(i/6) * PatchHeight;
        let R = i % 3;
        let G = Math.floor(i/3) % 3;
        let B = Math.floor(i/9);
        g.fillRect(x,y, x+PatchWidth-1,y+PatchHeight-1);

    The result does not look too bad (if you can live with half of the original spatial resolution)


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