• Are you using the bangle app store on your iPhone to try to upload the apps? I'm pretty sure web Bluetooth only works in the Chrome web browser. That may be why you are getting the error about WebBLE.

  • It doesn’t matter if I use the safari web browser or chrome, I get the same message about needing to get the WebBLE app. And as I’ve stated before I will have the WebBLE app already open and connected to my watch, but I still cannot load apps this way. I was trying to use my Desktop Mac at home, but the Bluetooth on that computer doesn’t see my Banglejs 2 watch. And yes, I did check the computer settings and it shows that it is set to connect through BLE as well.
    Is there Any other method I can use to connect to my watch? I’ve even tried to use the charging/data cable connected to my Mac and it doesn’t show up.

  • I don't think Chrome on iOS supports web Bluetooth either, you need to use the desktop version. Also I believe the Bangle js can only be connected to one device at a time, so try to disconnect it from the WebBLE app.


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