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  • It doesn’t matter if I use the safari web browser or chrome, I get the same message about needing to get the WebBLE app. And as I’ve stated before I will have the WebBLE app already open and connected to my watch, but I still cannot load apps this way. I was trying to use my Desktop Mac at home, but the Bluetooth on that computer doesn’t see my Banglejs 2 watch. And yes, I did check the computer settings and it shows that it is set to connect through BLE as well.
    Is there Any other method I can use to connect to my watch? I’ve even tried to use the charging/data cable connected to my Mac and it doesn’t show up.

  • I don't think Chrome on iOS supports web Bluetooth either, you need to use the desktop version. Also I believe the Bangle js can only be connected to one device at a time, so try to disconnect it from the WebBLE app.

  • I’ve tried to disconnect before, and when I do the watch disappears from the list of connected devices on my phone’s Bluetooth listing. Is there changes I can make in my iPhones Bluetooth to make sure it can see the watch? Seems like it only can through that WebBLE app.


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