• Ok, so it sounds like you have the Bangle.js App Loader working ok now?

    To actually get data off, you go to 'My Apps' in the app loader, and then apps like Health that have downloadable data have an icon next to them that you can click to download the data. For some reason on Android I'm only seeing the icon as a box right now, but I'll look into fixing that.

    Also, to get heart rate values you must enable in in health's settings.

  • I’ve tried to upload apps from the app loader, but when I do I get the message:

    “To use Web Bluetooth on iOS you’ll need the WebBLE app. Please click OK to go to the App Store and download it”

    Problem is that I already have the app, AND it’s already open AND connected to my Banglejs2. Whether I click OK or not, the little icon next to the app starts the circling motion as if it’s uploading, but it’ll stay like that for hours.
    In the WebBLE app I can see files on my watch, but I can’t upload any files unless I can get them into the WebBLE app first.
    By the way, I have an iPhone 12 with iOS 15.1 currently.
    What’s confusing to me is that it seems everyone can upload files directly from the App Loader to their watch, mine won’t and insists that I get WebBLE first, (which as I mentioned I already have).

  • Are you using the bangle app store on your iPhone to try to upload the apps? I'm pretty sure web Bluetooth only works in the Chrome web browser. That may be why you are getting the error about WebBLE.


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