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  • eep. the pro mini has non-aligned pins? Those Arduino guys really need to figure out how to use the 0.1" grid feature :)

    @allObjects on the cheap board, there's everything you'd need for breadboarding available on the 2 long sides, with a serial connection on top. IMO it's best to keep it small by putting A0..A3 (which don't contain anything that's not on other pins) on the end.

    On WiFi: A8/A10 are on the side because there's nowhere else for them if the board is to be kept that small. They're not super useful pins though.

    With EEPROMs, there's very little room on the board itself - definitely no room for a SOIC8. While it might just be possible to squeeze a SOT23 onwire device in, I'm not sure that's really worth it. Since the new board has more flash, I'll be tweaking things such that there are 2x 16kB flash pages available, which should really help with EEPROM emulation.


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