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  • @JackHoward good plan about ordering. At the moment the list is generated automatically, but I'll look at trying to at least divide them into sections for how advanced they are.

    @allObjects I'll try and add some back-links. I'm definitely up for trying to link wherever possible. If anyone feels like improving them it'd always be appreciated as I'm not sure when I'll get around to it ;)

    As far as the examples/etc, it's all here. Tagging isn't implemented at the moment, but a list of keywords up the top are - which help with the 'live search'. I suppose a simple solution would be to replace #analog withĀ­ - and then it'd just be a matter of going through tutorials sticking in hashes.

    Which reminds me, microcosm have an api for forum search, which I should integrate with the existing documentation search...


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